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Despite what you may have been told, the court system has not shut down. They are modifying their procedures but we can still file new cases and move those cases through to a resolution. If you need help with a divorce or other family law matter we are still up and running and here to help you. TSLF was already a paperless law firm before Covid19 and we are completely prepared to handle your case by e-mail and telephone if you are unable to come into one of our offices. Have questions, call us right now and we can get you on the phone with an attorney to help.

The Siemon Law Firm

The Siemon Law Firm is widely known as one of the leading family law firms in Georgia. We are highly skilled lawyers who strive for best possible outcomes in divorce, child custody, marital property division and other family law cases. To these cases, we commit our hearts, our souls and the full legal resources of our firm.

We often represent clients who have a significant financial stake in the outcome of their case, such as doctors, lawyers, business owners and professional athletes. We also represent people who care very much about the outcome of their case, regardless of whether they have significant assets to protect. From our offices in Atlanta, Cumming and Alpharetta, we serve clients throughout northern Georgia.

Family Law Attorneys Who Know What Is At Stake

The most important characteristic of our law firm is the depth to which our attorneys are committed to our clients. When the future of your family is on the line in a divorce or child custody case, you need a lawyer who takes your concerns as seriously as you do.

Men and women come to us for the legal skills they need and the personal attention they deserve in a wide range of family law concerns including:

  • Protecting your financial interest in divorce
  • Protecting your relationship with your children
  • Modifying child custody or support to reflect changes in your situation
  • Helping you with family matters such as guardianship and adoption

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We are lawyers who will listen very carefully to your concerns and your goals. To schedule a consultation with an attorney at our firm, call 770-888-5120 or fill out our simple contact form.