Preserving The Relationships Between Grandparents And Their Grandchildren

When a death or contentious dispute cuts off your access to your grandchild, you may wonder what rights you have. Grandparents have special bonds with their grandchildren, and these relationships must be preserved – especially when it is in the best interests of the child.

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What Rights Do Grandparents Have In Georgia?

Basic facts you should understand about Georgia laws covering grandparents’ rights include that grandparents are most often successful in gaining legal visitation rights to a grandchild after:

  • The death of a parent
  • Situations involving documented family violence
  • Situations involving abuse or neglect

In some extreme situations, grandparents may also be able to pursue custody of a grandchild. Typically, there is no potential case to pursue if no divorce or custody action has occurred or is pending, and the child in question still lives with both parents.

Experienced Lawyers Sensitive To Your Needs And Goals

As in all other family law disputes and challenges, our courts will prioritize the best interests of the children. This is a subjective standard that will require significant investigative work by an experienced family lawyer. We will prepare you for what to expect in your case from the start, while always respecting the sensitivity and emotional nature of these disputes.

Learn How We Can Protect Your Bond With Your Grandchildren

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