A Modification Can Keep Child Support Fair

The child support orders that worked at the time of your divorce may not work today. Changes in your employment, your income and your ex’s income can result in the need to recalculate the amount of child support you are paying or receiving.

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When Can Child Support Be Modified?

Child support in Georgia is based on your child custody arrangement, your income and the income of your spouse. If any of those factors change significantly, your child support payments can be recalculated.

Here are some examples of times when child support can be changed:

  • If you lose your job, your child support payments can be reduced
  • If you are forced to take a lower paying job, your payments can be reduced
  • If you receive a higher paying job, your spouse can request that your child support be recalculated to reflect the higher income
  • If you change to a 50-50 joint child custody plan, your child support payments can be reduced to reflect the greater number of overnight visits

Either the payer or the receiver of child support payments can request that payments be recalculated.

Can My Spouse And I Agree To Reduce Child Support Without Going To Court?

Any out-of-court agreement would not be binding. If your spouse changes his or her mind about an out-of-court agreement, you could be held responsible for paying the full amount of child support in your last court order, including back payments.

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