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Compassionate Support For LGBTQ Family Law Cases

With the Supreme Court recognizing the validity of gay marriage, same-sex couples now have the same rights, and the same challenges, as other married couples. At The Siemon Law Firm, our attorneys are committed to helping same-sex couples across Atlanta and Northern Georgia successfully resolve their family law disputes.

Experienced Lawyers Ready To Offer Knowledgeable Advice

When you meet with us, you will sit down with a family law attorney who sincerely wants to know everything relevant to your case. With extensive experience in the courts throughout Northern Georgia, our lawyers can provide dependable, specific information on the obligations and legal processes you can expect to encounter.

Our key priorities and strengths include:

  • Explaining your full range of legal options in the effort to reduce stress and help you make confident decisions
  • Focusing on the well-being of your or your spouse’s children and the approach you take toward custody and visitation issues
  • Combining our skilled internal resources with financial experts to deal with complex property division matters such as the division of jointly owned businesses
  • Taking strong, appropriate action if you have concerns involving domestic violence or other serious health and safety issues

If you are a gay or lesbian couple and need help dealing with divorce, custody, child support, asset protection, property division or other family law-related issues, you can count on The Siemon Law Firm. Call 770-888-5120 today and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate family law attorneys. We’re conveniently located, with offices in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Cumming and Marietta.

Prioritizing Your Financial Interests In The Asset Division Process

When a same-sex relationship does not work out, the stakes are typically high, both personally and financially. Many LGBT couples co-own significant assets, including houses, businesses and bank accounts. Fairly dividing these assets when the relationship ends is a job for a skilled lawyer.

At The Siemon Law Firm in Georgia, our LGBTQ family law attorneys have built a strong and widespread reputation for offering practical counsel focused on obtaining positive results for the individuals whose futures are in our hands. We recognize that your challenges and priorities are uniquely yours, and therefore we maintain a commitment to devoting as much time and personal attention to you as you need.

Protecting Yourself From Creditors

When it comes to property division, it is not only assets that need to be divided between the two parties. Any debts incurred over the course of your marriage and, in some cases, debts that were brought into the marriage are subject to division as well. We can help ensure that any debts are divided fairly and that one party does not end up on the hook with creditors for debts that he or she is not responsible for incurring.

Answering Your Custody And Visitation Questions

At The Siemon Law Firm, our lawyers understand the importance you place on your relationships with your children. You may have helped raise your spouse’s son or daughter from a previous relationship, and now he or she is refusing to let you see the child. Or, you may have adopted a child and are now ending your relationship with each other. In every case, our mission is to help you understand your options and pursue your goals.

Our custody lawyers can answer your questions about the custody laws in Georgia and explain your legal rights as an LGBTQ parent. We will advise you about:

  • Pursuing custody or visitation if you are not the child’s biological parent
  • Mediating or negotiating a parenting plan
  • Protecting a child you care about from domestic violence or abuse

We will strive to understand your particular situation and work directly with you to develop a parenting plan or visitation arrangement that is tailored to your needs and in the child’s best interests. We want to give LGBT individuals a voice in negotiations, mediation and in the courtroom.

A Team Approach Designed To Meet Our Clients’ Needs

We structure our team and resources in a way that enhances communication and makes it possible to provide our clients with the level of quality assistance they deserve. Because we disseminate applicable information about each client within the team, a client never has to rely upon only a single lawyer to answer a question or return a call. Instead, he or she benefits from having a knowledgeable and trusted network of legal guidance and advocacy.

Call The Siemon Law Firm To Begin Protecting Your Interests

You must be able to count on your attorney to look out for your best interests. We do not overcomplicate cases, but we are determined to find the path most likely to minimize future regret while resolving your LGBTQ family law concerns.

Contact The Siemon Law Firm in Atlanta at 770-888-5120 to learn how our attorneys can be of assistance.

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