We Help Atlanta Mothers Protect Their Rights

At The Siemon Law Firm, we have years of experience representing mothers who are engaged in a range of complex legal matters regarding their children. We help mothers facing divorce and modification petitions, as well as unwed mothers who face issues related to paternity.

While the individual circumstances of each mother may differ, our lawyers offer the same dedication and advocacy to all clients.

Supporting Mothers’ Rights in Custody, Child Support and Visitation

Our mothers’ rights lawyers are here to listen to your story and your goals, advise you on legal options and diligently represent your interests. We will advocate for you in matters such as:

  • Child custody: Unless a father is abusive or neglectful, the courts believe that it is in a child’s best interests to maintain a relationship with him. That is why Georgia promotes joint or shared custody. When deciding with whom the child will primarily live, however, the courts often favor the person who has been the primary caregiver to the child. In many cases, the mother is the primary caregiver, even when both parents work outside the home, and for that reason alone, mothers usually have a strong case for primary custody.
  • Parenting plans: Our law firm can help ensure that a suitable visitation schedule and parenting plan is established whether or not you hold primary physical custody. We advocate for fair plans that do not disrupt your children’s education schedule, keep their best interests in mind and also allow for quality time with each parent.
  • Child support: The amount of child support you are entitled to receive (or, in rare cases, required to pay) will depend upon a variety of factors such as both parents’ incomes, the parenting time arrangements, the number of overnight visits and the number of children.
  • Modifications: If there is a significant change in circumstances by you, your children’s father or one of your kids, we can help bring or defend against a petition to modify custody, visitation or child support.
  • Domestic abuse or chemical dependency: If your spouse or co-parent has been abusive or struggles with an alcohol or drug addiction, there are legal protections for you and your children. We can help ensure the safety and well being of your family.

Consult Our Family Law Attorneys

Our law firm is experienced in presenting the right evidence and arguments to defend mothers’ rights and support their goals. Learn more about how we can help by scheduling a confidential, personal consultation at one of our four office locations in Greater Atlanta. Simply call The Siemon Law Firm at 770-888-5120, or send us an email today.