Safeguarding Mothers’ Bonds With Their Children

If you are the mother in a contested child custody case in Atlanta, you shouldn’t assume that courts will give you priority because you are the mom. Georgia family law is gender neutral, and courts are just as likely to award child custody to a father as to a mother, based on the facts of the case.

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How Do Georgia Courts Decide Child Custody?

While many mothers come to us seeking sole custody, absent issues such as child abuse or an unsafe environment, courts favor joint or shared custody. Even if a father is not perfect, courts believe it is in the best interests of children to have both parents involved in their lives.

The contested issues in many divorces are which parent should have primary residential custody and how much visitation the other side should have. The number of overnight visits your spouse has with your children each year can affect the amount of child support he has to pay.

Determining The Best Interests Of The Children

If the two parties are unable to reach an agreement through negotiation or mediation, the judge will decide based on what it perceives to be the best interests of your children. The judge will carefully examine factors such as who has been the primary caretaker, the lifestyles of the parties, the home environment where the children will live, and the wishes of the children if they are older.

Even when both parents work, mom still serves as the primary caretaker in most families by doing such things as helping the children get ready for school, taking care of sick children and putting children to bed at night. Our lawyers are experienced in presenting the right evidence and arguments to support your child custody goals.

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