Why Mediation Is A Popular Solution In Family Law Cases

Mediation is a significant aspect of nearly everything we do at The Siemon Law Firm. Through mediation, we can effectively and economically resolve many disputes that would otherwise lead to a drawn-out and contentious court proceeding.

Our mediation attorneys have years of experience guiding clients through a wide range of divorce and family law matters. The issues most commonly mediated in divorce are child custody and mediation, marital property division, and child support. Clients rely on our skill at resolving disputes through mediation so they do not have to deal with the stress, cost and uncertainty of resolving those issues in court.

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What Is Mediation?

The mediation process exists so the two parties and their lawyers can present their sides of the dispute to a neutral third-party facilitator. The facilitator or mediator can then work with the parties and their lawyers to help reach a solution that is fair and acceptable to both sides.

In addition to representing clients through the mediation process, we also offer mediation services to individuals. In these situations, people prefer a neutral third-party mediator to listen to a dispute and provide direction to both parties. Attorney Josie Siemon is a trained mediator who is well-versed in dispute resolution as well as all aspects of divorce and other family law issues.

Five Things To Know About Mediation

If you are considering filing for divorce, here are a few things you should know about mediation and its role:

  • As part of an effort to streamline the divorce process, the Fulton County Alternative Dispute Resolution Office offers eight free hours of mediation services to divorcing parties.
  • During mediation, the attorney for the spouse filing for divorce will present his or her side of the story, and then the other spouse will present the other side. The neutral mediator will ask questions and generally facilitate a discussion between the parties and their lawyers.
  • The mediator does not give legal or financial advice, and the information shared by both parties remains confidential (except in cases of violence or abuse).
  • Although mediation may be required by the court, it does not mean that the divorcing couple is forced to agree on a settlement. They must only make a good faith attempt to resolve their disputes before forcing the judge to rule at trial.
  • Mediation can be ended at any time by either of the parties going through mediation or the mediator. If one party is ill, on medication or otherwise unable to make rational decisions for himself or herself, the mediation can be paused or terminated.

To Schedule A Consultation With An Attorney

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