Co-Parenting Classes In Georgia

Why Should I Use A Co-Parenting Coordinator?

Raising children is difficult enough in a two-parent home. During a divorce, it becomes even more challenging. Suddenly you have children in two different homes, dealing with all the anxiety and combativeness of divorce, and the task becomes almost impossible without professional help.

That’s where co-parenting classes and coordinators come in. Co-parenting coordinators are trained to help mothers and fathers develop effective strategies for raising children in separate homes. Their assistance is often ordered by the court, and their advice can be extremely useful. Coordinators can shine a light on how parental interactions affect the children and how to create a consistent plan of conduct. In addition, they can sometimes influence future custody or modification actions.

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How Long Must I Meet With A Coordinator?

The length of classes can be determined by the coordinator or the court, by the parents or by the guardian ad litem. It depends on the family’s particular situation. If it is court-ordered, the parents must attend as long as the court determines is appropriate. If it is chosen by the parents, they can stop meeting with a coordinator whenever they wish.

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