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Despite what you may have been told, the court system has not shut down. They are modifying their procedures but we can still file new cases and move those cases through to a resolution. If you need help with a divorce or other family law matter we are still up and running and here to help you. TSLF was already a paperless law firm before Covid19 and we are completely prepared to handle your case by e-mail and telephone if you are unable to come into one of our offices. Have questions, call us right now and we can get you on the phone with an attorney to help. Visit our Covid-19 page for additional information.

Private Investigators Can Be An Important Resource In Divorce

Individuals intending to file for divorce or already involved in the process may choose to hire private investigators (PIs) to conduct research on their spouses’ activities. A PI’s observations can be a powerful tool to prove suspicions of adultery or other misconduct. Photos, videos and other evidence the PI obtains is admissible in court. The PI can also testify as to what he or she observed.

At The Siemon Law Firm in Georgia, we are composed of experienced divorce lawyers who regularly work with private investigators to develop our clients’ cases and defend their interests. We also make the most of up-to-date scheduling and organization software to help ensure that every concern or inquiry receives a prompt response. Call 770-888-5120 today and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate family law lawyers.

Working Together With Your Attorney And Your Private Investigator

Ideally, your private investigator should be hired by your law firm. This way, the results of the investigation are considered an attorney work product, and the firm only has to hand over the evidence that benefits your case. Otherwise, ALL the evidence must be turned over to the court. This can play a very significant role in the ultimate outcome of your case.

Protecting Yourself From Any Unlawful Actions

Unfortunately, some PIs are unethical in their actions, so to protect yourself from liability, the PI should be under the supervision of your attorney. We have seen situations where PIs have been guilty of federal felonies, such as wiretapping rooms, placing recording devices in people’s cars and even installing hidden software on iPhones to send copies of all calls and messages to the PI’s email address. Our law firm will oversee any investigative work to ensure that it is legal, ethical and will not cause more harm than good.

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