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Think twice before seeking a fault-based divorce in Georgia

Although some people like to claim that their spouse divorced them for no reason whatsoever, in reality, no one goes through the drama and heartbreak of a divorce without a strong incentive. Whether you and your spouse have grown apart for the last few years or there has been a sudden and catastrophic failure of the trust and mutual respect that is the foundation of a healthy relationship, there's probably a very good reason why you want to end your marriage.

Sometimes, the spouse who decides to leave may feel like they want the world to know why it is they ended the marriage, especially if the situation involves abuse, infidelity or addiction. Filing a fault-based divorce is theoretically a way in which you can hold your former spouse accountable for their actions and how it impacted your marriage. However, fault-based divorces are increasingly uncommon for a number of reasons.

The Siemon Law Firm to march in upcoming Atlanta Pride Parade

The Siemon Law Firm - Pride 2019.pngThe 49th Atlanta Pride Celebration is now just days away. The Siemon Law Firm is excited to announce that in addition to sponsoring the parade and celebration, we will also take on a more active role by marching in the parade.

According to the Atlanta Pride Committee, the parade will take place this year on Sunday, October 13th at noon. It will start at the Civic Center MARTA Station and end at the Charles Allen Gate entrance of Piedmont Park. This concludes a weekend full of activities, festivals and marches to celebrate the LGBTQ communities of Atlanta and beyond.

Are you going to have to pay your ex's debts in divorce?

Financial issues are one of the leading reasons that people get divorced. There is a broad range of financial issues that can lead to a couple ending a marriage. Someone with a gambling problem who destroys the family's savings account, for example, could likely face divorce. Financial infidelity, or the practice of intentionally misleading your spouse or partner about your financial circumstances, can also contribute to the end of a relationship.

If you want to divorce your ex because of how bad they are with money, you will likely find yourself worrying about what obligations you have related to their debt. After all, the state of Georgia uses an equitable distribution standard which means that you both share in the responsibility for marital debts.

Countdown to Atlanta Pride 2019!

The Siemon Law Firm is excited to announce its support for the 2019 Atlanta Pride Festival. Our attorneys will represent our firm during the Pride Parade and act as a sponsor for the event.

According to the Atlanta Pride Committee, the festival celebrates and promotes LGBTQ causes and individuals across Georgia. And as a sponsor, we are serving as allies to the LGBTQ community and walk with other supporters during the 49th Annual Pride Parade in Atlanta.

Getting prepared early can help improve your divorce outcomes

Thinking about your upcoming divorce may feel overwhelming. The end of a marriage can be an emotional time, and the divorce process itself can seem daunting. While you may need some time to grieve, getting prepared early has many benefits.

There are some aspects of your divorce that you will never be able to control, so it is important to make the most of the aspects you can control. One of the easiest things you can control is how prepared you are.

What happens to retirement plans in a divorce?

When going through a divorce, it feels like there are countless things to keep track of. Some jump to mind immediately – child custody and child support, property division, impacts on the business. But there’s one thing that is easy to overlook: the retirement plan.

Yes, Georgia considers retirement accounts part of marital property, which can surprise people. That means their contents are potentially subject to the division process during a divorce. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect.

How to approach a divorce with children

No one anticipates a divorce, especially when they start to expand their family. You expect a long future where you and your spouse raise your children and see them off to college and through their wedding day.

Unfortunately, divorce happens in many families, especially in Georgia. It not only affects the spouses, but it puts children through a challenging transition. Luckily, there are some ways to approach the discussion of divorce with your children without further damage.

What requirements must I meet to get a divorce in Georgia?

Before being married in Georgia, there are several legal requirements a couple must be sure to meet. Just as there are legal requirements for marriage, there are legal requirements that must be met for a couple to get a divorce.

If you are considering seeking divorce, it may be helpful to understand the requirements you will need to meet to legally do so. An understanding of these requirements can help you make choices that could impact the outcome of your divorce.

How stocks are divided during divorce

Investments are an excellent way for a person to build their career, supplement their income or build a nest egg for their future. Divorce is a major obstacle for anyone's future plans and can have a major impact on the future of a person's investments. It leaves many people questioning what will become of their investments, specifically stocks.

Georgia has unique laws regarding how property is divided during divorce. To put it simply, all your marital assets will need to be divided between you and your soon-to-be former spouse. How those assets are divided is a matter for debate.

What is a co-parenting plan and do you need one in Georgia?

Even an amicable divorce can be emotional and difficult for children. In Georgia, the courts want your children to emerge from your divorce whole and healthy, with a positive relationship with both of their parents. In an effort to encourage this outcome, the state requires you to have a parenting plan with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. 

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