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Basic requirements for a parenting plan in Georgia

The law in Georgia is pretty clear when it comes to most issues related to divorce, separation and co-parenting. However, like most statutes, the rules governing these issues in Georgia can be a bit difficult to understand, especially for people without legal training and experience.

In this blog post, we will look at the basic requirements for an acceptable parenting plan in Georgia. By doing so, you can gain a better understanding of these laws and gain confidence as you approach custody and visitation proceedings.

Part II: Dispelling common myths about divorce and money

Regular readers of our Alpharetta Family Law Blog know that in a recent post, we dispelled some common myths about money and divorce. In this post, we're going to take a look at a few more of these all-too-common fictions.

Here's an urban legend about divorce and finances that gets around: to protect yourself, it's crucial to fight over every item in a divorce. Most experienced family law attorneys will try to help you negotiate a fair property settlement so that you don't have to engage in lengthy, expensive litigation. It is not always possible to avoid a fight in court, but that is typically the goal at the outset of divorce proceedings.

Part I: Dispelling common myths about divorce and money

There probably isn't an adult alive who doesn't subscribe to a popular myth or two. Common myths include the following: the water in toilets swirls in opposite directions in the northern and southern hemispheres; Nick Saban is the best coach in the SEC; and the Great Wall of China is the only human-made structure visible from outer space.

Other commonly believed myths are possibly more damaging. They revolve around divorce and money and include such items as "you don't have to worry about your spouse's credit card debt" (if the card is in both of your names, you are both responsible for the debt) and "women never pay spousal support" (courts often order women who make more money than their husbands to pay alimony).

Reversing the negative impact of divorce on your credit score

Money is one of the most common reasons for divorce. In many cases, one spouse spends irresponsibly, runs up debt and destroys the couple’s credit. Further, in far too many cases, the responsible spouse finds himself or herself suffering with debt problems long after the marriage has ended, often remaining tied to the irresponsible spouse for a lifetime.

However, it doesn’t need to be this way. By following a few simple steps and taking a few precautions, it is possible in many cases to avoid letting your connection to your spouse’s debt outlast your marriage.

A few things to consider about divorce and special needs children

As the parent of a special needs child in Cummings, you are probably no stranger to putting his or her needs above your own. When it comes to divorce, you may think that you should place your own interests first because you intend to be the primary provider and caregiver for your child. However, this is a situation where the stakes are even higher. Even though your marriage to the other parent is ending, you are irrevocably bound together for the health and well-being of your child. 

Divorces where there are children with special needs involved require special considerations. It is important for you to communicate with your soon-to-be ex-partner and plan your next steps carefully to minimize the impact of your separation on your child. Here are some things to consider about divorce and special needs children

Make sure your parenting plan covers custody for holiday seasons

This is the time of year when a lot of newly divorced parents realize – to their dismay – that they did not adequately account for the holidays on their parenting plans. Unfortunately, the issue of who gets the children for which holidays can become much more complicated than it needs to be.

However, it is possible to make sure you get a visitation agreement that works for you and protects your relationship with your children through the holiday season. Although a custody and visitation modification can be obtain from the courts in certain situations, it is much better to handle this ahead of time during the divorce process.

Courtroom dramatics are great on TV, not so great in family law

Few things are more dramatic on TV than a taut courtroom scene. From pioneering TV characters such as Perry Mason and Ben Matlock to more modern attorneys Alicia Florrick and Professor Annalise Keating, courtroom speeches, breakdowns and confessions have populated some of television's most popular shows.

While going to trial on TV is almost always good for ratings, in real life and family law, it often makes more sense to negotiate terms of a divorce and agree to a settlement -- including the division of assets and debt -- than it does to fight it out in a Fulton County courtroom. 

Late life divorce requires better planning

The life expectancy of Americans in most demographics is increasing. Of course, this is good news. However, there are numerous challenges that come with this increase of life expectancy. There are much greater medical costs for people as they get older. Further, illnesses and other complications can decrease the quality of life for many people.

One of the unforeseen results of greater life expectancy has been the increase in divorce for couples age 50 and older (often called “gray divorce”). According to Investment News, increased life expectancy has been a chief cause of increased divorce among couples in this age group.

Facing formidable financial choices in divorce

When you say "I do," you are in love and ready to spend your life with that very special person. When the relationship changes and the possibility of divorce becomes a reality, it can be difficult, to say the least, to sort through all of the accompanying emotions.

At the very same time, a person going through a divorce needs to sit down with a family law attorney and talk through their priorities in matters such as child custody, spousal support and looming financial decisions.

Protect Yourself in the Divorce Process

The prospect of the divorce process can be scary for many people. The public forum of the courtroom as well as the possibility of losing our financially and personally causes significant anxiety.

However, there are numerous ways to avoid the stress and public eye of the courtroom, as well as the prospect of losing out financially. Mediation is an important part of our work at The Siemon Law Firm, and it offers a great option for many people in divorce.

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