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Unstable retirement economics demand a strategic approach to divorce

Many people take a minimalist approach to divorces, especially when it comes to the financial aspects of divorce. For many divorcing parties, simply getting through the divorce as quickly as possible and moving on with life are the most important goals, so they don't pay adequate attention to the financial considerations involved.

Although the goal of getting through a divorce with minimal conflict and time requirement is understandable, there is too much at risk financially to ignore the financial aspects of divorce. In a time when Americans' retirement prospects are more unstable than they have been in years, it is more critical than ever to take a strategic approach in divorce. You need to maximize the financial in divorce to protect your future.

Cohabitation increasingly a way of avoiding divorce over 50

Back in the day, cohabitation was scandalous. It was simply and completely inappropriate for unmarried couples to live together. Over time, American society softened its views on cohabitation. Today, cohabitation is widely viewed as a common-sense way for people to get to know each other before marriage.

But even view of cohabitation is shifting, according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center. The number of cohabiting adults age 50 and older has gone up 75 percent over the last decade; a rise likely due to the fact that many of those people have gone through a divorce with difficult disputes over property division or child custody.

Never use social media during a divorce

For both men and women living in the state of Georgia, the divorce rate is higher than rates in other parts of the United States. There are several tips for divorcing couples to follow when going through a divorce. However, one people often overlook is the use of social media. Users have a tendency to overshare on these platforms, and in a divorce, too much information can be a person's undoing. 

Risk to child custody

Consider whether you should challenge your prenup

Prenuptial agreements are some of the most important contracts in family law. They no longer represent an "anti-love" contract that immediately dooms a marriage before it starts. Instead, prenuptial agreements are now seen as prudent legal documents that protect each spouse from the pitfalls of the standard divorce process. Having a prenup allows you to address specific concerns that are unique to your relationship and personal life. Without a prenup in place, you could stand to lose more in a divorce.

With that said, prenuptial agreements aren't perfect. In fact, there are circumstances in which an individual involved in the prenup legally challenges the document on the grounds of illegal or unfair circumstances.

How is Debt Divided in Divorce in Georgia?

When entering into divorce, many people look at dividing the assets as one of the most important factors to consider. And it is. However, a lot of people fail to think about debts. It is easy to assume that whichever party took on a debt should be the one who absorbs the liability for the debt once the divorce is finalized. But this is not always the case.

It is critical to know how debt is divided before entering into a divorce. You need to protect your financial rights and your future.

How is property divided in Georgia?

There are many things to be concerned about in a divorce: Your children, where are you going to live, how much support will you pay or receive, and other similar concerns are common.

However, one of the most important issues people face in divorce involves the money. Especially when one or both of the spouses has a significant income and property, it is critical to understand the basic steps in property division and some unique challenges before proceeding.

Is fault required for divorce in Georgia?

One of the most common questions we get asked by clients is whether they need grounds for divorce. It is easy to get confused as to whether Georgia is a no-fault state and as to the various reasons that are acceptable for divorce in the state.

As each state has different rules and requirements for filing for divorce, it is important to understand how Georgia handles the issue.

Is a lawyer really necessary for a divorce in Georgia?

Many people facing divorce are tempted to handle their divorces on their own. With all of the knowledge and resources available online today, people may wonder if it is worth it to hire a lawyer to represent them in their divorce cases. Especially for people who love to save money and handle things on their own, representing themselves can be a tempting option.

However, handling your own divorce case is ill-advised. Lawyers are highly trained professionals who participate in ongoing legal education throughout their careers in order to handle the legal complications and procedures involved in divorce. Working with an experienced lawyer is the best way to make sure your rights are protected and that you get the best outcome possible in your divorce.

Is a private investigator needed in divorce cases?

If you are considering a divorce or entering into the divorce process, you might be wondering whether you need to work with a private investigator as part of your divorce.

Many people are reluctant to hire private investigators. There have been many television and movie representations of PIs that are less than savory, so this reluctance makes sense. However, if you work with an experienced lawyer and make smart decisions, a PI can be a helpful resource in your divorce matter.

Your conduct during divorce will have consequences.

Be proud of your conduct during your divorce, you may very well have to answer for it in court.

Most people realize that it is important to be on your best behavior before and during divorce proceedings. During the process of divorce, you probably know intuitively that it is not smart to make large, irresponsible purchase and to be careful with your public appearance.

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