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Dividing retirement assets in divorce

The big questions come at couples at a fast and furious pace in divorce. Disputes over matters such as child custody can be difficult to resolve. So, too, can disagreements over how to divide assets, including retirement accounts.

Sometimes people fail to realize that the nest egg can be a couple's greatest financial asset. That is why it is so important to have an attorney who understands that in many cases, your 401(k) and other retirement funds will be considered marital property to be split equitably and knows also how to ensure that your interests are protected.

The Dangers of Football: Now a Custody Problem?

The dangers involved with the sport of football have been well publicized over the past number of years. With increased media attention – even movies being made about the dangers of football – it makes sense that people are more reluctant than ever to play the sport.

It also makes sense that the problems surrounding support would move from the media spotlight right into the divorce and family law arenas. As parents are seeing the dangers of football, disagreements are bound to arise as to whether they should let their children play the game at all.

Haste makes for mistakes in high-asset divorce

Divorce is never pleasant. Most couples just want to get on with their lives as quickly as possible, but rushing through the process is not a good idea.

If you are facing the end of your marriage, be careful how you approach divorce, especially when it comes to property division. When there are significant assets to consider, take your time. Here are five common mistakes to avoid.

What we lose and what we gain in gray divorce

They have spent the decades together since their marriage in their twenties. They raised children, they worked hard to get ahead in their careers and they made their house into a home for their family. They did all of that and much more before they decided in their 50s to divorce.

A new book on gray divorce by a researcher and professor explores and explains the rise in marital splits among couples in their 50s. The book also dives into the bottom lines for the individuals in those divorces: what do they gain and what do they lose when they end their marriages?

Ex-spouse not paying support? Don’t give up.

The story is common: A spouse fails to pay child support. The receiving spouse takes legal action and things escalate.

For many people whose spouses are not paying child support or spousal support as they’ve been ordered, the outlook is grim. It seems like there is very little that can be done legally to get them to make the payments.

Divorce rates increasing for 50+ demographic

More than any other time in history, American adults have freedom and possibility in their lives that last to a much later age. Well into their fifties and beyond, Americans are able to enjoy new hobbies, new job prospects and other important adventures.

Older couples are also getting divorced with greater frequency than they have in the past. Although this is a great opportunity for many older couples to experience a newfound freedom, there are also significant challenges involved.

Raising Healthy, Happy Children After Divorce

For divorcing parents, the children are perhaps the most important consideration. In addition to figuring out a parenting plan that works for both parties, as well as dividing assets, handling child support and spousal support issues, parents need to consider how to take care of their children.

This is no easy task. It is difficult enough to raise children even when both partners are in a healthy, happy and committed relationship. When the two parents split up and live in different households, the challenges are multiplied. After a divorce it is more important than ever to focus on the role of parenting.

Protecting retirement assets in late-in-life marriage or divorce

The baby boom began after World War II and ended as the Beatles invaded the U.S. in 1964. While divorce is difficult at any age, divorce late in life brings with it financial challenges that younger people simply do not yet have to face.

One of the biggest challenges in so-called "gray divorce" is the division of property that includes retirement plans and 401 (k) plans and similarly substantial assets.

Getting ready for an Alpharetta divorce

One of the keys to success is preparation. Whether you going to make a presentation at the office, take a test in school, deliver a performance on stage or on the playing field, preparation enables you to do your best and attain your goals.

Preparation is key in divorce as well. Those who face the end of their marriage can improve their odds of success in difficult disputes over child custody or property division by working with a family law attorney to anticipate problems and prepare solutions.

Financial infidelity and property division

When falling in love and entering into a new relationship, most people think about living together, binding their lives together and sharing everything in common.

Everything, that is, except the money. For many people in married or live-in relationships, the money is a separate thing. More and more people are hiding money from their spouses, keeping secret accounts and large amounts of cash out of view from their partners. How do these hidden assets impact divorces and separations?

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