Obtaining A Restraining Order For Critical Protection

Any allegation of family violence, stalking or threats to do harm must be taken seriously. It is nearly impossible to avoid horrific news stories about what happens when domestic abuse is tolerated or goes unreported until a tragedy occurs.

Representing Both Men and Women — With Integrity and Strength

Across the Greater Atlanta and Northern Georgia communities we serve, family violence and domestic abuse are certainly treated seriously by the authorities and courts. It is essential to get legal help quickly, whether:

  • You are in physical danger or enduring serious harassment/emotional abuse by a spouse or other household member
  • You fear for the safety of your children or others in your home
  • You believe you are the victim of false, unfair or exaggerated allegations

Lawyers Ready to Investigate, Take Action and Advocate for You

At The Siemon Law Firm, our entire team of family law attorneys and dedicated staff is prepared to help you take the best course of action in a situation involving family violence. We take pride in being practical, balanced professionals who act decisively but with integrity and compassion. Our services include:

  • Helping women and children find safe haven at a shelter when necessary
  • Moving quickly to file for a temporary Family Violence Protective Order (sometimes called a Temporary Protection Order “TPO” or restraining order) to have an abuser removed from the home and legally forbidden access
  • Quality, well-prepared representation of women who need extended protection or men being victimized by someone motivated by revenge or seeking leverage in a divorce and/or child custody case

Everyone at our law firm believes in working hard to uphold justice and keep our fellow Georgians safe. Our collective knowledge of both family law and criminal law enables us to serve as an excellent resource whether you are a victim of spousal abuse/domestic violence or an alleged abuser — often with a need for divorce or other domestic abuse counsel as well.

Taking Action for Your Safety or Protection of Your Future Rights

Do not wait and worry or take any further risk. Instead, contact us now in Atlanta at 770-888-5120 for guidance you can trust and dependable action by an attorney who knows the courts, officials and procedures involved in dealing with domestic abuse or violence.