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Divorce is not the way it’s supposed to happen. No one marries expecting to divorce. But while divorce is common, nothing can truly prepare you for your divorce. Divorces occur frequently, but your experience with divorce is likely to be your first time. Our attorneys at The Siemon Law Firm have worked on thousands of cases, and we can help you prepare for the challenges that often accompany a divorce. To schedule a consultation, call 770-888-5120 to make an appointment at our Atlanta office.

Experienced Representation For Divorce In Atlanta

We know divorce can feel overwhelming. With your emotions, worries for the future, wanting to do what is best for your children – it can feel like a rollercoaster. Our lawyers understand your fears, and we work to clearly explain the process in a compassionate and thoughtful manner that helps you to understand the law and the courts, and make informed decisions. We want you to participate meaningfully with the process, and choose the options that are right for you and your family.

High-Asset Divorce

If you are a business owner, have a professional practice or have a substantial income, your divorce is likely to be more complex. The valuation of a family business, close corporation or professional practice can be a difficult matter and it is essential that it be done properly.

For the owners, it is important, as you will likely continue to operate the business. Too high of a valuation could lead to spousal support or child support obligations that are unreasonable, while for the spouse, an inaccurately low valuation could cost them and the children very substantial sums over the life of the support order. Our attorneys are comfortable working with sophisticated financial matters and retain the financial professionals necessary to calculate challenging issues of valuation and cash flow to allow for an accurate property division and support payments.

Things You Need To Do Before You File

Divorce is complex. If you have substantial assets, it is more complex. To protect yourself and your children, you should talk with us early. We can help advise you of what you need to do to prevent problems after you file and make your transition as smooth as possible. You need to be fully informed about your finances, your assets, your expenses, your debts and understand how that is likely to be divided during the divorce. We can help with these matters and more.

There is a great deal to think about before you divorce. Will you stay in the marital home? Do you have your own, separate property, credit cards or bank accounts? Will the children be staying with you? Are there issues that could affect the child custody or spousal maintenance (alimony) calculation? Marital infidelity, substance abuse or other dependencies and domestic violence are all potential issues.

Before and during a divorce, you should also be careful with social media. During a divorce, the only safe way to deal with this is to not use any platform. You should also protect all your passwords, to prevent surveillance by a spouse or embarrassing information from becoming public. We can help you with all these issues.

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Divorce brings many challenges. We can help you move past them and into a brighter future. To speak to a lawyer in our Atlanta office, please contact us today at 770-888-5120.

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