Atlanta Child Custody and Changing Parental Roles

Divorce is nothing new in the American family experience. However, the divorce process is forging ahead into territory that would have been alien in decades past.

In today’s world, men and women increasingly share an equal responsibility for both work and family; traditional gender roles are breaking down, and with them the conventional custody arrangements that served previous generations.

If you and your spouse have kids and are splitting up, talk with an Atlanta child custody attorney. Your divorce lawyer can help you come up with a creative, individually-tailored parenting plan to meet your needs, as well as those of your children.

Specific Parenting Plans Focus On Detail

Gone are the days when it was almost always mom at home with the kids. In Georgia today, two-income households are becoming the new norm. This change in household responsibility is being reflected in custody arrangements like never before – not only do mothers have more responsibilities outside the home than in the past, but many divorcing couples are trying harder to keep both parents involved in the lives of their children.

Of course, if parents are unable to agree on suitable custody arrangements, the Georgia state court system will sort out a custody plan based on what a judge determines is in best interests of the children, taking into account the subjective desires of older kids. But a judge with only a few hours to become acquainted with a case can hardly be expected to have the same understanding of a familial situation as the parties themselves.

What you want is a parenting plan that takes into account both parents needs as well as the needs of their children. With both parents employed outside the home, different work calendars and other scheduling difficulties must be considered when determining who will care for the children, and when they will do it.

By agreeing on detailed parenting plans at the time of divorce, parents can often avoid or minimize later conflict. Issues like the religious upbringing of children, where children will spend specific holidays and birthdays, the preferred way for treating as yet undiagnosed medical conditions that could arise in the future – all these child custody questions and more can be addressed in modern parenting plan agreements.

Speak To an Attorney to Learn More About Custody Plan Negotiations

Custody agreements have progressed far beyond a simple fill-in-the-blank form. Today, you are only limited by your imagination in crafting a custody plan that works for you, your children and your former spouse. If you are facing divorce, contact an Atlanta child custody attorney today to explore what kind of creative parenting plan solutions may be best for your family.