There’s an app for that — including divorce-related issues

| Jul 28, 2015 | Divorce |

Most of us likely can’t imagine going more than an hour without accessing the Internet thanks to our smartphones, laptops and seemingly constant WiFi connection. While we would prefer to think that we are harnessing this technology for purely productive purposes, the truth is that we do spend a lot of time just indulging our online interests, whether it’s constantly checking the news stream or updating our social media accounts.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, it’s important that we don’t manage to overlook some of the lesser-known yet incredibly valuable services and tools available on the Web, particularly those related to the area of divorce.

Indeed, designers have released a variety of apps over the last decade that can greatly reduce some of the challenges faced by divorced couples, particularly those with children.


This free app takes the revolutionary step of surveying couples in order to ascertain how they feel about their impending divorce. Depending on how they respond, they will be put in contact with a veritable squad of divorce specialists ranging from legal professionals and mediators to financial analysts and therapists.

For example, if the survey reveals that the couple has significant assets and does not get along, they may be directed toward retaining their own divorce attorneys who can prepare for litigation. Conversely, if the couple doesn’t have many assets and are on relatively good terms, the app may direct them toward a mediator.


This free app, the brainchild of a former Amazon executive who is also a divorced father, functions as a sort of private family Facebook page or online group. Specifically, it not only allows for photo sharing, comments and text messaging, but also gives divorced parents the ability to create a shared calendar on which they can mark everything from soccer practices and doctor appointments to vacations.


Recognizing how child support payments can prove to be rather contentious, this free app creates a sort of central hub through which parents can keep track of child support payments and in-kind purchases. This, in turn, can help eliminate confusion, reduce fighting and provide a valuable record should a trip to the courtroom prove necessary.   

As truly helpful as these apps can be, those with any questions related to divorce, child custody, or enforcement/modification of child support should strongly consider speaking directly with an experienced legal professional who can answer their questions, explain the law and take the necessary actions as soon as possible. 

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