Do YOU need a prenuptial agreement?

| Dec 16, 2017 | Prenuptial Agreements |

For years most attorneys, law firms and everyone else out on the internet seemed to be in agreement that if you are entering into a marriage, you should have a prenuptial agreement.IN more recent years, however, this opinion is starting to change in many circles. Some purported experts are downplaying the value of prenuptial agreements for most people, minimizing the probability of divorces and limiting the scope of people who are likely to need one.

But where does that leave you? As a person entering into marriage with someone you love, should you get a prenup?

What is a Prenup?

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement between a husband and wife that covers many important aspects of a divorce. The thing that makes prenups more effective is that they are written out and agreed upon before you are even married. When making the prenup you are still in love and thinking more clearly. You can make arrangements sensibly, without the anger and other emotions associated with divorce, so all the aspects of divorce can be covered and agreed upon in advance.

So Do You Need One?

For years most experts have been saying “yes,” and we’re certainly among them, but more recently, many have been saying it’s only for certain select individual. A recent article in MoneyTalksNews online is a great example. Although they seem to be claiming that only a select group of individuals needs a prenup, their list of people needing one is remarkably comprehensive:

  • “People with money…
  • People who might inherit…
  • People whose partners have debt…
  • People who own a business…
  • People whose income might radically increase…
  • People with children from other marriages”

If this is the group of the ‘specialty cases’ who need prenups, that’s a pretty big group. Said conversely, the only people who dont need prenups are people without money, people who might inherit something, people whose partners don’t have debt, etc.

Read in that manner: Yes; you need a prenuptial agreement.

At any rate it is better not to trust a finance article with something as important as protecting your financial future. It is better to talk with an experienced divorce lawyer to better understand the risks and rewards regarding prenuptial agreements.

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