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American’s rate of divorce may be lower but challenges remain

| Dec 4, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Georgia residents who are dating and considering marriage or perhaps who are married and contemplating divorce both understandably may wonder exactly what a divorce might really mean for them. In thinking about divorce, some people look around to see how many others are going through this experience as well.

A new study released by experts in Ohio at Bowling Green State University indicates that there may be fewer people in America getting divorced today than in past decades. The rate of marriage and marital breakdowns does vary state by state, however. The rate of marriage and divorce in a single state does not always have to be consistent. For example, Utah’s data shows that it has the highest rate of marriages in the nation. Utah’s divorce rate is somewhere near the middle being higher than that of approximately four out of every 10 other states.

There may be several things contributing to the reduced rate of divorce nationally. One factor put forward was the aging of Americans in general. As the baby boomers get into their elderly years, they may well be more likely to experience the loss of a spouse to death than to divorce. Others have surmised that some people in America choose to not get married but to cohabitate.

Whether or not the divorce rate remains stable, increases or reduces, the challenges associated with the end of a marriage remain. When facing such a situation, people in Georgia may wish to talk with an attorney for help to ensure they properly address all needs at this time.

Source: Fox59, “Divorce rates drop to 35-year low in the United States,” Nov. 27, 2016

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