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The benefits of putting a forensic accountant on your legal team

| Aug 18, 2015 | Family Law |

Property division. Considered one of the worst parts of the divorce process, it is oftentimes accompanied by pointed accusations and considerable amounts of stress. This is especially true if a divorcing couple has been married for several decades or have large assets that may be incredibly difficult to divide.

But what can really make property division challenging is if a spouse suspects that their partner may be lying about where assets are or covering up the true amount of assets in the couple’s possession. In situations where a couple owns a business together, it may be feared that one spouse will somehow devalue the company in order to reduce what their partner will receive in the divorce settlement.

It’s for these reasons and more that you need a forensic accountant on your legal team.

At the Siemon Law Firm, we understand spouses’ concerns about the possibility of hidden assets and the problem this creates during the property division step of divorce. That’s why we obtain the services of forensic accountants to help our Georgia clients get the whole picture of their assets so they can truly be divided fairly.

Because forensic accountants are trained to spot surreptitious accounting practices and behaviors, they make a valuable asset to any legal team. They can point out what business transactions indicate deception, uncover overseas accounts, determine the actual income of the couple, and even track down money that has been transferred to family or friends for “safe keeping.”

Even though property division can be unpleasant, hidden assets can make it that much worse. But with a forensic accountant on your side, you give yourself the best chance at finding these assets and getting your fair share of them in the end.

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