Child support: What were you accustomed to during marriage?

| Feb 24, 2015 | Child Support |

A recent divorce story that we pass along to readers in Georgia and elsewhere today is unquestionably interesting along several fronts.

For starters, it lends a clue as to what type of work a person might want to consider if he or she is contemplating becoming a billionaire. If that describes you, perhaps you might want to take a look at hedge funds, specifically owning one or more of them.

And then there’s this interesting tidbit of information to pass along. Based on court filings in the above-cited case, having only one nanny per child simply doesn’t cut it in some families.

And then there’s this, as relates to the topic of what comprises reasonable child support payments in a divorce: Whereas a few hundred dollars or a grand a month might seem logical and appropriate in one case, an amount one thousand times higher might just pass judicial muster in another divorce.

That is because courts often look to the family situation that prevailed and was customary during marriage when talk turns to support payments during a marital split.

The Kenneth Griffin and Anne Dias Griffin case referenced above illustrates that with a vengeance. Griffin is, yes, a billionaire hedge fund tycoon.

His wife is also reportedly quite wealthy of her own accord, but that is not stopping her from demanding nearly $1 million in monthly support for the couple’s three kids. Her husband recently filed a pleading that essentially called that amount ridiculous, noting that it is for “exorbitant expenses” not really earmarked for the children but, rather, to fuel his wife’s extravagant lifestyle.

Many people might agree that the amount sounds, well, a bit elevated, but, again, and as noted in an article discussing the Griffin’s divorce, support can hinge “on the standard of living the children would have enjoyed had the marriage not been dissolved.”

With the Grifffins, that standard was singularly high, obviously. The judge in the couple’s divorce will now have to examine the particulars, which include a demand of $2,000 monthly for stationery and $14,000 per month for dining out and groceries.

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