Sound divorce and parenting advice — from a comedian

| May 23, 2014 | Child Custody |

Why do most people enjoy listening to a good comedian?

An obvious reason is, of course, that comedians simply make us laugh, but there is clearly much going on at a deeper level that makes some purveyors of mirth immensely attractive to audiences.

When you think about it, laughter often accompanies stories that relate to deep truths about the human condition, with truly gifted comedians being able to visit topics that are not often raised in public discourse. Sometimes audiences fidget a bit uncomfortably in their seats, and at other times they are allowed to revel in shared traits that highlight a base decency in most people.

In other words, a skilled comedian can often deliver laughs and also leave an audience feeling a bit uplifted.

Take high-profile and immensely popular comedian Louis C.K., who often speaks in an almost frighteningly candid way about many matters.

One of those matters is divorce and child custody, which C.K. takes a personal interest in as a divorced dad with two daughters.

When C.K. talks about co-parenting after divorce, the words he delivers are likely unexpected to many people familiar with his professional work.

Those words are soft, measured, carefully delivered and obviously born of love for his family, including his former spouse.

C.K.’s take on how things are for him and his ex-spouse — and can be for other divorced couples with children, as well — is simple and direct. He stresses that life for all family members can be far better post-divorce because a struggling and ill-fated couple is “not married in a bad marriage anymore.”

C.K. says that removing such stress has allowed him and his former partner to now be friends and to co-parent in a strong way that optimally benefits their kids.

The crux of C.K.’s message is that divorce is flatly necessary sometimes and that families can come out on the other side of it far stronger and with greater harmony than was the case prior to marital dissolution.

Source: Huffington Post, “Louis C.K. offers some much needed perspective on parenting after divorce,” Brittany Wong, May 20, 2014

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