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| Aug 29, 2013 | Divorce |

“Your divorce attorney does not cut your hair; your hair stylist should not practice law.”

That is advice — rather obvious, but sometimes necessarily given — proffered by one family law commentator in a media opinion piece that shares some winning strategies for persons involved in divorce proceedings in Georgia and elsewhere.

What Daniel Clement notes at the very outset is the need for any divorcing party to get proper counsel on board. That means working with an experienced divorce attorney who, ideally, can adapt strategies and tactics to the unique considerations that each marital dissolution involves.

Some divorces, for example, will necessarily require aggressive representation and the need to litigate. Others, conversely, are far more nuanced, with diverse issues that require differing types of responses. Having a seasoned attorney who integrates strong litigation knowledge and acumen with tact and proven negotiating skills can be a formidable resource and comfort to a divorcing party.

Another stated point of focus for Clement: “You should not settle a case on unrealized or hopeful expectations.”

What that centrally means is that accuracy is important in a divorce settlement, especially when it comes to assets. Once again, the importance of having a proven attorney at hand to help identify, uncover and properly value assets can make a material difference to a divorce outcome. Property division is, flatly, a singularly important focus of most divorces. Quite literally, it pays to get it right.

It also pays to be calm and judicious regarding decisions made during the dissolution process, rather than spiteful and impatient.

As Clement notes to divorcing parties, “Take time and think your positions through after conferring with your attorney.

Source: Huffington Post, “7 tips to avoiding a disastrous divorce,” Daniel Clement, Aug. 20, 2013

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