Increasingly, women are the higher wage earner, need protections

| Apr 12, 2013 | Property Division |

It would be far from uncommon for most readers to simply assume that if one of the parties comprising a couple is insisting upon the execution of a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage, it is likely the male partner. The answer would likely remain the same for a clear majority of readers if they were asked which partner is on the paying end in most cases of alimony following divorce.

That is because, while obviously not always being the case, it still remains a fact that the male partner makes more money than does the female partner in most marriages, driving the concern in cases to negotiate and sign a premarital contract. Likewise, more women than men continue to remain financially dependent to some extent following a marriage breakup.

Many diverse sources indicate that those “norms” are changing in American society, though, and steadily so. Although (and for many reasons, including child rearing), many women continue to stay at home while the husband works, scores of millions of others pursue careers in tandem with their partners.

And, increasingly, they make more money while doing so, which is a related and quite marked paradigm shift that raises considerations for many higher earning females.

One commentator on marriage matters suggests that a woman with more assets and higher earning power than her mate consider the following:

  • Being the partner to insist upon a prenup prior to marriage
  • Keeping some safe percentage of money separately
  • Being careful about not commingling inheritance-related assets with marital property

That advice extends further to also using relevant legal conveyances to protect interests in a self-started business

Source: Forbes, “Divorcing women: when you earn more than your husband,” Jeff Landers, April 10, 2013

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