A new flexibility defines today’s custody, parenting plans

| Dec 3, 2014 | Child Custody |

Most judges and lawyers of a certain vintage in Georgia and elsewhere can readily harken back to times when child custody outcomes were often far different from what is the case these days.

In bygone decades, there was not near as much fluidity and mobility in the workplace. Typically, dads went off to work and moms stayed at home, running the household and tending to the children.

Custody outcomes generally reflected that gender-based reality and sexual stratification of the times, as we pointed out in an article on our website discussing divorce and child custody. As we noted therein, judges were often inclined — almost reflexively so — to award custody of the kids to the mother and regard the father as a conduit for support payments, granting him scheduled visitation rights.

Things have changed over the years, and mightily so for legions of couples across the country. Men are staying at home in greater numbers, reveling in their roles as caregivers, and scores of millions of women have forged careers outside the home.

That of course renders the quickly relied upon and often stereotyped custody scheme of yore suspect and, in many instances, flatly irrelevant these days.

And that is a good thing, given that new custody arrangements can reflect modern-day changes in the family. As we noted in the above-cited article, if you are a soon-to-be divorced person seeking a viable parenting plan these days, you are “only limited by your imagination in crafting a custody plan that works for you, your children and your former spouse.”

A proven Georgia family law attorney with extensive experience in child custody matters can help you do that.

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