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Yes, many family law terms, concepts can require some explanation

| Dec 5, 2014 | Family Law |

As a family law firm, we won’t seek to hide the reality that many terms that centrally mark our profession can be more than a bit slippery and confusing.

In fact, we will readily admit it. Legal language can be flatly bewildering to clients, which is why we have stated on our website that “we will take the time to explain” any term or concept that applies in a given case.

Take the term “equitable distribution,” for example. Many lay persons might have a very solid grasp of what that might typically mean in a generic sense, but there is certainly no reason to expect them to note its singular meaning in a family law context.

What it means to many of our clients is that the division of marital assets in their Georgia divorce will be carried out fairly. That doesn’t necessarily mean a precise 50/50 split of property, as it usually does in a state with a so-called “community property” distribution scheme, such as California. In Georgia, a judge will look at a number of factors to determine what is fair. A practiced divorce attorney can help ensure that the court fully takes into account relevant factors that are important to a client.

Consider this, too: How many persons who are not family law lawyers would be reasonably expected to know the key distinctions among sole, joint, legal and physical custody?

In fact, this very important field of law — important because it involves decisions and outcomes relating to children, parents and families — is replete with complex terms and processes that, when applied, can fundamentally shape and influence a family following divorce.

Because our attorneys at The Siemon Law Firm are intimately and always focused on that reality, we make good-faith efforts at all times to ensure that our clients are fully informed about every aspect of their cases.

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