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September 2012 Archives

How soon is too soon for Klum and bodyguard to seal the deal?

It's rarely easy to go through it divorce, but to go through one in the public eye? Only a select few know how that feels. Georgians may have heard about one recent celebrity couple's split: Heidi Klum and singer Seal ended their marriage earlier this year after nearly seven years of being married to each other. The fashion model opened up recently about her new relationship with long-time family bodyguard and the public is not the only one who has reacted strongly.

Children of divorce and the new roles they could be put in

Coping with a divorce is never easy and the difficulties are only magnified when there are children involved. For residents in Georgia and elsewhere, knowing some appropriate ways to be a divorcee and a parent at the same time can help ease the stress of the situation. While children may remind a parent of their ex spouse, it can be very detrimental to their growth and healing as well as the parent's if they were to lean a little too much on the children for support. Knowing how to talk with them about what is happening and where to draw the line could help someone who is overwhelmed by the whole process.

Considerations on property division during divorce

Jeff Landers, a contributing writer to Forbes magazine who frequently focuses upon financially complex divorces from a woman's perspective, has a few points to pass along concerning a divorce-related aspect that often takes center stage.

Lost Friendship: Usher Speaks About His Divorce

The divorce case involving the R & B singer Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster has been a high profile drama for months. Finally, late last month, an Atlanta judge awarded primary physical custody of the couple's two children to Usher. The children are ages four and three, respectively.

Divorce parties -- "unbridled showers" -- grow in popularity

Media articles in recent years that have touched on the subject of divorce parties or celebrations have tended to focus on the tongue-in-cheek aspects of such events, treating them as decidedly aberrational and more than just a bit off center.

Insurance issues can be material during the divorce process

The divorce process can be challenging enough as it is, as couples try to divide their personal lives, their assets and even their child custody and child support obligations. Unfortunately, insurance companies have little interest in making this process easier on families. All too often, couples across the country, including in Georgia, come to find that dividing insurance plans and straightening them out generally can be just as complicated as the settlement process as a whole.

Postnuptial Agreements and Peace of Mind

The term "prenup" has become widely known in modern America. Perhaps this is because prenuptial agreements are used in so many celebrity marriages. In any case, a prenup gives a couple about to tie the knot clear guidelines about who would get what if the marriage were to end.

Facebook: Securing a warrant in a child support matter

As this blog has noted in prior select posts, Internet social media sites have exploded with relevance across a broad spectrum of family law and divorce-related concerns over the past couple years.

What to do as grandparents during a child's divorce

We all know parents and children alike have it tough during the divorce process, but not as much attention goes to the grandparents. Yet grandparents are central members of most families, and they can find themselves at the center of conflict and emotional grief when divorce strikes.

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