Divorce mediation: Not for all, but a good idea for some

| Sep 11, 2012 | Divorce |

Divorces in Georgia and elsewhere across the country run the gamut.

For one couple, the divorce experience — the process, the negotiation, the emotions, the outcome — can be termed as nothing other than gut-wrenching, with anger, turmoil and adverse effects and feelings that linger long after the dissolution itself. For another couple, conversely, divorce turns out to be not such a big deal, with all material issues being reasonably dealt with and a semblance — or more — of lasting amicability retained afterwards. For yet another couple, a divorce is a mutually happy event with virtually nothing negative associated with it.

Although there is no standard recipe or script that ensures a “good” divorce, some divorced couples extol the virtues of divorce mediation, finding that it streamlined the dissolution process, helped them keep their cool and allowed for a consistent focus on the main goal: ensuring a positive outcome and preserving a viable relationship post-divorce. That latter consideration can be key to a sane and measured approach in child custody, visitation, child support and other related matters.

With divorce mediation, both sides and their attorneys meet with a third-party mediator, who might be another attorney, professional counselor, health care specialist, financial analyst or some combination thereof. The mediator’s primary role is to facilitate discussion and help the couple work toward a mutually agreeable solution on all material issues.

Mediation has many positives associated with it. For many couples, one of those is assuredly that it is conducted in a private setting, away from the official and public atmosphere of a court.

Source: Westport News, “Law matters/Putting costly anger aside in divorce,” Susan Filan, Aug. 21, 2012

  • A law office that provides clients with experienced mediation services is both a rarity and, often, a strong asset in the divorce process. Our firm represents clients before neutral third-party facilitators in divorce mediation and also offers proven mediation services. For more information on how we serve our customers, please visit our Georgia Family Law Mediation page.

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