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August 2013 Archives

Dealing with post-divorce financial concerns of the "out" spouse

A certified financial planner who regularly contributes media pieces on personal investment decisions and wealth management recently wrote an article about a person he terms the “out spouse” following a divorce.

Child support necessary to meet rising costs of raising a child

Every Georgia parent is responsible for financially supporting their children. If the parents of the child are no longer a couple, then child support will be assigned to make sure that children are getting the support they deserve and need.

A top concern for divorcing couples is the cost

Couples report that the financial hit that people can take during the divorce process is a top concern for those contemplating a separation. In fact, outside of child custody is appears to be the number one concern for all couples that are getting divorced.

Georgia parents need plans to avoid disputes as kids go to school

As hard as it is to believe for many of Georgia's children, the end of summer is right around the corner. This means that many have gone back to school or will shortly. While many parents celebrate this time of year, the back-to-school season can raise some issues for parents who are starting the divorce process. These parents may not be living together anymore, and, for the first time, have to figure out how to deal with hectic school schedules, after school activities and sporting events alone.

Assets included in property division may surprise some Georgians

Divorce is a complicated process, but perhaps nothing may be more confusing to those entering the process than asset division. In fact, every situation is unique and requires careful review to develop a proper understanding of what valuable assets may be included in the property to be split during the divorce.

Men have rights in Georgia family law courts

When a baby is born, there is almost never a debate about who that child's mother is. However, it can be more difficult to determine who that child's biological father is. When a couple is married, the woman's husband is presumed to be the baby's father, but in some cases DNA testing is necessary to determine paternity. Establishing paternity is important because it gives fathers rights to see and know their children. Before paternity is established, the mother may have control over child custody issues.

Fathers' rights in family law matters: evolving, changing reality

If there’s one arena where most men in Georgia and across the country feel comparatively disadvantaged and view that a legal outcome will likely favor their ex-spouse, it is family law court.

Financial issues are important to divorcing couples

When couples in Georgia decide to end their marriage, there are a lot of considerations that must be made. People have to literally split their entire lives into two. While the process is straightforward for some, high-asset couples may find that their divorce is even more complex. In addition to typical divorce issues -- like child custody and child support -- high-asset couples may have other financial issues to deal with during their divorce, especially property division issues.

Gwinnett County woman accused of interfering with child custody

When a couple breaks up, they may wish to never see their former partner again. In many cases, this is possible, except if the couple has children. When couples have children they must co-parent despite the fact that they are no longer romantically linked. In this situation, the parents must either decide who will have physical custody over the children or a Georgia family law court will decide for them.

Mediation may offer a positive alternative to traditional divorce

One of the most difficult decisions to make in life is whether or not to leave a marriage. Many Atlanta residents will commit themselves to another at one point or another with the intention of staying together forever. Often times adultery, irreconcilable differences and other factors may cause a relationship to fail, leading many to divorce. While a majority of people have found happiness after a divorce is finalized, the journey is still long and emotionally difficult.

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