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Child support necessary to meet rising costs of raising a child

| Aug 23, 2013 | Child Support |

Every Georgia parent is responsible for financially supporting their children. If the parents of the child are no longer a couple, then child support will be assigned to make sure that children are getting the support they deserve and need.

In Georgia, raising children can get expensive. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture it costs $234,900 to raise a child from birth to age 18. This number is expected to rise. Child support helps to make sure the every day expenses for the child are covered including food and clothes. It also helps pay for educational expenses and medical costs. Without child support, some children may not have their needs met.

While some people may look at their child support payments and think that they are unfair, this generally isn’t the case. In fact, experts say it may be “sticker shock” by the one payment or the fact that they have to give the money to an ex-spouse that makes it difficult. But, the actual number is generally determined simply by a series of calculations.

Specifically in Georgia, child support is determined by using child support guidelines and a worksheet. This worksheet contains a number of different factors that can vary depending on the specifics in each family. These factors can include the amount of time each parent is with the children and the amount of money each parent earns.

It is important for Georgia parents to understand that the amount of child support that is necessary can vary from year-to-year. Parents who feel like they are paying too much or are not getting enough, should consider their legal options. It may be possible to modify child support orders so the needs of the children are met.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Child-Support: Paying Your Fair-Share?,” Morghan Leia Richardson, Aug. 14, 2013

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