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January 2013 Archives

Court finds for dad who never consented to daughter's adoption

For many people, few things tug at the heart more than child custody cases that drag on and are marked by lack of clarity regarding an outcome that is clearly in a child's best interest.

Advice on "same page" co-parenting for teen children

Every parent knows that children's needs for parental attention change as they age. Infants and toddlers demand constant care; school-age children want a little more independence, and teens like to test rules and boundaries. Family therapists stress that, when a family has gone through a divorce, it's vital that parents develop a parenting plan that lays down the law for teens, no matter which parent they're with.Georgia teens are focused on their futures, but they have a lot more than just school on their minds. Regardless of which parent has child custody, children should have no doubt about how their parents feel when it comes to the major issues that can be game-changers in their lives.

Iverson, Cleese divorces centered on property division

Two high-profile and high-asset divorce cases centrally featuring property division illustrate the various ways in which couples negotiate divorce settlements and reach solutions in their divorce agreements that allow for them to move forward.

Georgia child support: General info, role of proven legal counsel

Georgia parents contemplating divorce often and for obvious reasons are centrally concerned with matters surrounding child support, with distinct and quite separate issues coming into play for a parent seeking support and the parent who will be tasked to pay it, respectively.

Opinion: One working dad's view on divorced dads in the workplace

Single dads who have custody of their children don't get the same breaks at work as single moms. That's the conclusion of a single father who has published an account of the subtle discrimination he encounters in the workplace, where single moms enjoy lenient treatment and flexible schedules, but single dads are expected to let someone else do the parenting.For years, fathers' rights advocates have supported men who fought the uphill battle to get custody of their children in a divorce.

Divorce considerations and dual citizenship

Jeff Landers, an author on divorce, recently wrote an article for Forbes in which he discussed some of the special considerations relating to divorce in instances when one or both of the spouses have dual citizenship.

Ex-Braves player's wife files for divorce, wants prenup thrown out

With so many local professional sports teams, it is not a rarity on any given day for a media story concerning a high-profile athlete to suddenly garner widespread attention. Fair or not, the limelight brings attention, and it is not always positive.

Buzz Aldrin -- famed moon walker -- and wife divorce after 23 years

Famed astronaut Buzz Aldrin -- the second man to walk on the moon, in 1969 -- likely realized that scores of media articles chronicling his recent divorce would lead off with witticisms and word plays about hard landings, likely not being over the moon concerning the details of his high-asset divorce and so forth.

Dire consequences can arise from child custody mistakes

A recent article in the Huffington Post refers to a "horror story" in the arena of child custody and underscores what can happen when divorcing spouses are overly fixated on the cheapest divorce option, with too much reliance being placed on trust rather than firm legal protections.

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