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Georgia child support: General info, role of proven legal counsel

| Jan 22, 2013 | Child Support |

Georgia parents contemplating divorce often and for obvious reasons are centrally concerned with matters surrounding child support, with distinct and quite separate issues coming into play for a parent seeking support and the parent who will be tasked to pay it, respectively.

Through its website, the State of Georgia seeks to respond to those questions and concerns with detailed information regarding the child support process in the state. Much of that information — which encompasses data relevant to the application process, income withholding, child access and visitation, establishing paternity and other matters — is quite useful and worth a look by persons seeking an initial understanding of the system and how it works.

The website data also underscore the fact that following up with an experienced Georgia family law and divorce attorney can help a divorcing or divorced state resident more fully understand and use the state’s child support system in a manner that best promotes his or her best interests.

The reason for that: Much of the information, while unquestionably helpful, is topical and general in nature. That is, it serves well as a starting point and calls for supplementation by a family law practitioner well-versed in the process who can render it meaningful in an individual case.

Moreover, much of the information — its presentation and particulars — can seem complex and cumbersome. As one example, the section set forth on Georgia’s Child Support Guidelines might reasonably strike most people confronting it as quite challenging.

Child support matters can range widely in type and scope, and “official” information, while helpful, certainly reflects that by necessarily being generic and sometimes even daunting through its use of worksheet, guidelines and formulas.

A proven Georgia family law attorney can be an invaluable resource to any person facing divorce and seeking to plan responsibly for the future.

Source: Georgia Department of Human Services, “Division of Child Support Services”

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