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Courtroom dramatics are great on TV, not so great in family law

Few things are more dramatic on TV than a taut courtroom scene. From pioneering TV characters such as Perry Mason and Ben Matlock to more modern attorneys Alicia Florrick and Professor Annalise Keating, courtroom speeches, breakdowns and confessions have populated some of television's most popular shows.While going to trial on TV is almost always good for ratings, in real life and family law, it often makes more sense to negotiate terms of a divorce and agree to a settlement -- including the division of assets and debt -- than it does to fight it out in a Fulton County courtroom. 

Dealing With Debt in Your Divorce

The economy is slowly improving but debt is still a major issue in Georgia divorces. When we talk about dividing debts and assets in a divorce action, the first issue is to determine if the debt or asset is "marital". Marital debts and assets are debts and assets that were acquired during the marriage by either party regardless of whose name the account is in. If an asset or debt was acquired by one party prior to the marriage, it is likely pre-marital and not subject to division in the divorce.

Rock star, ex work out differences: Memorabilia auction held

We last left off with the dispute between Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and his ex-wife Jo concerning items to be sold at an upcoming auction in an October 1 blog entry. The couple finalized their high-asset divorce in 2011 following 24 years of marriage, but, apparently, all the material details weren't worked out.

Rock memorabilia auction underscores property division issues

A member of the classic rock band Rolling Stones has gone public with his shock after learning that some of his art and memorabilia had been put up for sale by his ex-wife. Among the most attractive memorabilia are some tour outfits worn during his performances as well as a Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Court: Don't come back later because of bad divorce settlement

A man who went to court seeking revision of a divorce settlement in which he paid his wife for the assumed value of an investment that later flopped has been denied by the New York Court of Appeals, that state's highest court. The failed investment was one of many managed by disgraced financier Bernard Madoff..

Mel Gibson's high-asset divorce settlement finalized

If there is one obvious take away from all the Mel Gibson stories that have blared out from media headlines over the past couple years concerning his family life, it must be this: The man is rich.

Wrestler Hulk Hogan taken to mat in recent divorce settlement

Recent details have emerged from court documents outlining the high-asset divorce of semi-retired wrestler Hulk Hogan, who was forced to forfeit 70 percent of his liquid assets in a divorce settlement to his former wife of 26 years. The amount she will receive is nearly $7.5 million.

LA Times: Divorce settlement finally reached in McCourt case

It is certainly difficult for a divorce blog to deny Frank and Jamie McCourt an occasional entry. We have kept readers abreast of the volatile and complicated high-asset divorce case of the high-flung couple in prior blog posts. That has seemed appropriate for what has been described in various media sources as "the costliest divorce in California history."

Divorce Settlement Lesson: Draft Carefully, Know Consequences

When a wealthy estate is at issue in a high-asset divorce, it pays -- literally -- to have a family law attorney with a deep well of experience in property division matters draft well-considered and carefully written divorce settlement documents.

High-Asset Divorce Case Spotlights Importance of Legal Drafting

The divorce case featuring Credit Suisse Group AG chief executive Brady Dougan and his ex-wife Tomoko Hamada Dougan contains many of the standard elements that one might expect to find in a truly high-asset divorce matter. It also goes far toward demonstrating that a diligent and careful divorce attorney with experience in high-asset dissolutions and relevant contract drafting can make a material difference in the outcome of any future dispute.

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