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How work obligations may impact a child custody case

| Apr 20, 2020 | Family Law |

When a Georgia couple gets a divorce, child custody is one of the most difficult issues they must face. Managing the custody arrangement can be complicated. What can make this more difficult is ensuring that the children get enough attention from busy parents.

Parents who are focused on a career should take certain steps when seeking more time with the child. The child’s best interests take precedence, so committing to the child’s routine and meeting all needs is key. Understanding how to handle inevitable challenges like making sure schoolwork is complete, having family-centric mealtimes and knowing what to do if the child is ill are imperative. A parent might want the maximum amount of time with the child, but that could be too ambitious when assessed in the context of the parent’s work responsibilities. Two quality days are better than three days when the parent is frazzled and thinking about work.

A significant aspect of child custody is arranging for child care and supervision when the parent is working. Picking the child up from school and having a responsible babysitter can help avoid problems and worry. Since a busy career person will need to budget time accordingly based on the child custody arrangement, having a flexible work schedule and being well-organized may be essential. The spouses should have a fundamental set of rules they will adhere to. An acrimonious situation inevitably makes matters worse, but even if there are lingering hard feelings from the marriage, there should be cohesion for the sake of the child.

People could be under the impression that the court starts with certain preconceived notions. For example, a stay-at-home parent was once viewed as a better option for custody. Now, if a stay-at-home parent is taking steps to earn more money and provide a better life for the child, this could be seen favorably. Showing good intentions can supersede other concerns if the child is in a safe and nurturing environment. Multiple factors are part of determining child custody, so a family law attorney with experience in child custody may be able to help parents understand the process.

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