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Protecting children during divorce

| Feb 7, 2020 | Divorce |

Many Georgia couples decide to end their marriages each year. When they have younger children, they should remember that it is difficult for the children and should take steps to make the process easier on them. By understanding some of the common issues that children have when their parents get divorced, couples can help them to emerge relatively unscathed.

Letting children know that it is not their fault

Many children wrongly believe that their parents’ divorce is partially their fault. Parents should reassure their children that the divorce does not have anything to do with them and that people sometimes grow in different directions.

Letting children enjoy relationships with both parents

Divorcing couples often feel resentment toward each other. However, they should not let this spill out in front of their children. While children might prefer one parent over another, each parent should encourage their children to develop healthy, loving relationships with their children’s other parent.

Dealing with holidays and other family events

On holidays and birthdays, children may want to celebrate with both of their parents. The parents should try to divide time with their children so that they can enjoy the holidays and their birthdays with each. If the parents can do so, holding joint celebrations can be a positive experience for the children.

Divorcing parents need to step away from the negative emotions that they might harbor for each other so that they can prevent emotional harm to their children. Experienced family law attorneys might be able to help their clients to view their divorces and child custody issues from a logical perspective. They may help them to see how divorce might impact their children and help them to create parenting plans that are in the best interests of the children. This might help the children to better deal with the changes that divorce brings.

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