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Ensuring a fair property division outcome in a Georgia divorce

| Aug 12, 2014 | Divorce |

In most divorces, there are a number of outstanding issues that need to be dealt with. One matter that is often at the center of concern — and that frequently emerges as a core contention — is the equitable distribution of marital assets.

That immediately preceding sentence references two concepts that are critically important in dividing divorce-related assets under Georgia law and that an experienced Atlanta-based family law attorney can centrally assist with.

A state family law judge will focus closely on the so-called “equitable” division of assets. Although that standard is centrally tied to fairness, it does not follow under state law that the result of property division will be a precise 50/50 split. A court will look closely at myriad factors in making a distribution ruling, and a divorce client can be helped greatly by an experienced family law attorney who can identify and help value all property/asset sources in a marriage.

Which leads to that second concept alluded to above. Only marital assets — as distinguished from separate property belonging to only one spouse — are divisible in Georgia in a marital dissolution proceeding. Making the distinction is not always easy; again, a proven asset division attorney can provide knowledgeable counsel.

Yet another property-related area in which an experienced Georgia family law attorney can provide close assistance is in ensuring that a judge fully considers all marriage factors that touch upon fairness. Those include consideration of how long a couple was married; the financial resources and needs of both spouses; the age, health status and earning power of each partner; and additional factors.

Our law firm has for many years provided impassioned and effective assistance to family law clients across a full spectrum of relevant concerns. Readers can visit our Georgia Property Division page online for information on our advocacy in the important area of divorce-related asset division.

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