Divorce view: It’s a process and usually not just about the money

| Aug 7, 2014 | Divorce |

Money may be the sole focus of some divorcing couples as they spar during the divorce process, but a single-minded focus on lucre as a marriage ends might make for more pain than gain over the long haul.

So says Larry, an investment firm founder who provided some dissolution-related views for readers in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

The problem with couples battling over coins while retaining a laser-like focus on amassing wealth as they get ready to embark on post-divorce life is that their myopic view can obscure other important divorce-related factors.

Although some couples might find Stein’s view almost sacrilegious, many other divorcing parties in Georgia and elsewhere would likely agree that “there may be other factors more important than money.”

Like having liberal visitation rights, for example. Like remaining civil with a former spouse, thus allowing for a lifetime of shared and happy memories with children and, ultimately, their families.

It is certainly true that an undue focus on amassing wealth at the expense of a soon-to-be former spouse during divorce proceedings can blur the picture on other important matters that need to be considered. As Stein notes, “Value is not always financial in nature.”

The point is this: Many divorcing persons might likely benefit a great deal by developing a plan for post-divorce life that takes into account needs over both the short-term and a longer period.

And that isn’t always about money. Indeed, divorce considerations can be many and diverse.

A seasoned family law attorney can help a client cultivate a broad perspective regarding divorce, if, indeed, that client knows that decoupling is not just about grabbing all the money possible.

Post-divorce life can last a long time. It’s important that a divorcing party attend to both immediate needs and long-term goals.

Source: The Wall Street Journal (MarketWatch), “Divorce isn’t just about the money grab,” Larry Stein, July 28, 2014

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