Focus: not burning bridges following a marital breakup

| Jun 4, 2014 | Family Law |

One family therapist make a point that stands as so obvious now that it seems almost impossible that it wasn’t just as obvious to more people years ago.

That is this: Given that so many American marriages fail, she says, “it’s really critical that we’re learning how to break up in the least destructive way.”

That is, increasingly more divorcing couples are learning how to dissolve a marital union in a manner that does not create lasting rancor and shattered family bonds in the years following a divorce.

Melissa Erin Monahan adds that divorcing the right way results in “co-creating the future rather than staying stuck in the past,” which is an important point to note given the nation’s high divorce rate.

The “right” way to divorce is obviously not a standard blueprint for all couples in Georgia and elsewhere. Reportedly, approximately five percent of all couples proceed to a divorce trial to end their marriages, and that is for a valid reason — sometimes things just can’t be resolved except through formal adversarialism.

In many other cases, though, and as evidenced by literature that indicates a growing acceptance of litigation alternatives for ending marriages, airing it out in court is now seen as merely one option — not the only option — for divorce.

Divorce mediation is one dissolution vehicle that has gained strong traction nationally in recent years, being recognized as a process where couples can retain some civility, exercise autonomy over the proceedings, often save money and avoid recourse to a judge.

A Georgia resident seeking information about mediation and other litigation alternatives to divorce can obtain prompt and confidential information from a proven family law attorney who also wears a second hat as a certified mediator.

Source: New York Post, “Divorcing couple’s follow Gwyneth’s lead and ‘consciously uncouple,’ ” Kate Storey, May 27, 2014

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