Divorce: Timing aspects can certainly be relevant

| Jun 2, 2014 | Divorce |

OK, so most people in Georgia and elsewhere who are contemplating untying the marital knot know that an optimal time for doing so is not when a child’s wedding is just around the corner. Ditto for when a son or daughter is just about to graduate from college.

In the world of divorce, “when” can obviously be of some relevance, a fact that is noted by several commentators in a recent family law article.

“There is no perfect time to get divorced,” says one author on marriage, which is ultimately the reason why most people deciding to cut marital cords simply do it without much regard to timing considerations.

Still, in some cases timing is important, with a real-world bottom line that is often defined by practical considerations

One such concern revolves around emotions, which is why comparatively few divorces occur each year across the country during the end-of-year holidays. Many families view those times as hands-off for anything that can intrude on harmony and gift giving.

Which, in turns, makes January – March such hot months for divorce filings; once the holidays are over, reality returns.

Another practicality that can attach to divorce is finances, and for a number of reasons. Going it alone with a health policy as age advances can be prohibitively expensive. Some couples simply choose to live apart without divorcing rather than dissolving their marriage, owing to spiraling health care costs.

Then, too, there is the hard reality for many couples recently of plummeting home values. Many would-be divorcing spouses have held off on the process in recent years, hoping for a rebound in home values. That is in fact now happening in many instances.

Many other factors can affect divorce timing in important ways that a proven attorney with experience in tax and business matters can address with a client. Those include the sale of a family business, one spouse’s inheritance, raise or bonus, and additional matters.

An experienced family law attorney can provide additional information.

Source: The Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, “When’s the worst time to get a divorce?” Quentin Fottrell, May 24, 2014

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