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November 2013 Archives

Federal lawsuit focus: challenge to alimony's legality

Spousal support in Georgia can often be an uncertain topic. That is, the guidelines for evaluating and awarding alimony are subjective and largely left to a judge's discretion. The result can be highly dissimilar awards handed down in cases where marriage duration, assets at issue and other factors are closely related.

A key cog to ensure an airtight prenup: proven legal help

OK, you finally got around to signing that contract a few of your friends were constantly reminding you about. It wasn’t that bad -- an online boilerplate document entitled “Prenuptial Agreement” that you and the soon-to-be spouse ran through in about 15 minutes and executed moments ago, just hours before the wedding.

Study: Technology was the reason I cheated

In this technological age, it isn’t that rare to go out to a restaurant in Atlanta and spot a table with one or more people focused on a smartphone. Mobile technology has revolutionized our society, but too much attention on tablets, cellphones and other devices is prompting some spouses to seek attention outside of the marriage.

Coweta County's unique child support program

Coweta County, on the outskirts of the Atlanta area, has tried a unique solution for bringing parents together when child support disputes arise. The county has set up what it refers to as a problem solving court that is intended to motivate parents to be better providers and to get both parents to work together in placing their children first.

If I get divorced, can I stay in the house until my child graduates?

People going through a divorce here in Georgia ask us this question frequently. The answer, as usual, is that it depends on the facts and circumstances of the case. As always, the parties can agree to do anything they want to do with the home, well, almost anything, burning it down and splitting the insurance money would be against law. Short of doing something illegal a husband and wife going through a divorce can generally agree to anything regarding the custody of their children and the division of their assets and debts. At that point a settlement agreement can be drafted and submitted to the court with the appropriate paperwork and the agreement will become a binding order of the court.

Are you in the dark about marital assets?

Whether we're talking about cooking, cleaning, carrying the kids to soccer practice or planning investments, every married couple has their own way of dividing up duties. But when one spouse does all of the financial planning while the other pretty much stays in the dark about money matters, there is the risk of the uninformed spouse losing out in the event of divorce.

A few things to think about for dads in the family law context

Fathers of children in Georgia and elsewhere sometimes say that they are both bewildered and more than a bit daunted by family law and most things associated with it. Dads and advocates for fathers’ rights frequently state that the system seems stacked against them, with judges serving for the most part as umpires overseeing an unfair game.

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