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May 2013 Archives

Handling retirement accounts in divorce proceedings: Part II

Our immediately preceding blog post discussed the advisability for divorcing couples in many instances to solicit the professional help of an established family law attorney with a proven background in property division matters.

Advice to the involved dad on custody, visitation strategies

Laws in Georgia and elsewhere across the country have evolved over the years to more fairly treat good dads who are in court trying to seek meaningful arrangements in child custody matters. Many men still feel awkward, misplaced and at a disadvantage, though, when before a family law judge and seeking an equitable outcome to visitation and other matters.

After years of cajoling, Japan inks global custody pact

A select few Georgia fathers and mothers know what it feels like to be "left behind" parents. That term is used to describe international child custody situations in which parents from the United States are forced to return home without the children that the other parent took to another country without permission or legal authority to do so.

The divorce process: more fluid, flexible than many people know

Many persons contemplating a Georgia divorce believe that the process for doing so is standard and monolithic, that is, divorcing parties hire attorneys and litigate all relevant aspects of their dissolution in court and in a formalized manner.

Prenup not an option? You might want to consider a divorce trust.

Many family law commentators across the country have been noting for several years now the growing acceptance of prenuptial agreements and marital contracts generally (including postnuptial agreements) among an ever-larger American audience.

Divorce and alimony: The 21st century is not, well, the 1960s

The historical alimony paradigm in Georgia and throughout the rest of the country has often been noted and explained. Imagine -- and many younger persons and couples really can't -- a bygone time when in an overwhelming number of cases husband/dad worked all day outside the house and brought back the family check, while wife/mom stayed home tending to the chores and children, solidly ensconced in domestic duties and relying totally on her mate to keep the family financially afloat.

Federal lawsuit highlights irony in domestic violence statute

One tangential and unfortunate byproduct of some relationships, both ongoing and following divorce or separation, is family violence, especially acts of domestic abuse that are committed by one partner against another, or against children.

Divorce forgery highlights issue of religion in family law

It is a maxim in family law that every divorce is unique, and that is far from surprising, given the differences that exist in every family. In a certain instance, a couple might be able to end their marriage with relatively few or even no sticking points to negotiate and agree upon in a divorce decree. In another case, there might conceivably be very signficant matters to resolve concerning the division of assets, child custody, spousal maintenance or other issues.

Gift or loan? That is the question in high-asset support matter

Disputes surrounding child support often centrally feature in high-asset divorce matters, and a multijurisdictional and global dispute regarding the amount of support payments is illustrative of the types of questions and concerns often involved.

Been saving for kids' college costs? Address that during divorce.

There is obviously a lot to think about for many couples during the divorce process, which can increase the odds that something important might not be sufficiently addressed or even attended to. An experienced family law attorney can of course help ensure that something like that does not occur, that is, that a divorcing party's interests are fully promoted across the entire spectrum of factors that are important in a dissolutoin.

Men following divorce: for many, a process of recovery

It is often remarked that men have different issues and concerns during the divorce process than their soon-to-be former wives. Concerns of divorcing men who are also fathers often focus on child custody and visitation, as well as child support and perhaps alimony. Many men who have gone through the divorce process have stated that they felt uncomfortable and lacking in confidence when dealing with judges and the legal process, feeling at times as though they were a disadvantaged party in the divorce proceeding.

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