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Advice to the involved dad on custody, visitation strategies

| May 29, 2013 | Fathers' Rights |

Laws in Georgia and elsewhere across the country have evolved over the years to more fairly treat good dads who are in court trying to seek meaningful arrangements in child custody matters. Many men still feel awkward, misplaced and at a disadvantage, though, when before a family law judge and seeking an equitable outcome to visitation and other matters.

As a consequence, the topic of fathers’ rights in divorce-related matters is something that is far more often raised and openly discussed these days than in former times, with a new appreciation often cited that active and loving fathers do not put aside those qualities by virtue of a divorce decree. Presumptions about many things in family law have changed over the years, and one of those is that committed dads can just as easily be primary caretakers or entitled to substantial and continual involvement in the lives of their children post-divorce. Indeed, that continuity is widely understood to be in the best interests of children.

One divorce columnist recently noted that, notwithstanding the increased judicial empathy generally for strongly involved fathers, the legal system “is only now very slowly changing.” Because of that, any dad who wants meaningful and ample time with his kids following marital dissolution needs to firmly step up to the plate and ask for it, consistently and from the outset.

That means, as she notes, that dad needs to secure strong representation from “an attorney who gets it.” Specifically, that refers to an experienced fathers’ rights attorney who fully appreciates a caring father’s special concerns in a custody or other matter and can optimally present a best case before the court.

A proven Georgia divorce law firm with a demonstrated background in helping strong and active dads maintain meaningful access to their children following divorce can answer questions and provide diligent representation in any family law matter.

Source: Huffington Post, “Custody battles: the top five things dads should know before setting foot in court,” Morghan Leia Richardson, May 23, 2013

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