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November 2012 Archives

Child custody case underscores complexity in international disputes

The material facts relating to an international child custody case involving three young children currently in North Carolina demonstrate how complex such a matter can be when more than one country is involved.

Deion Sanders' divorce case focused on prenup, child support duties

Former Atlanta Falcons football star and Hall of Fame standout player Deion Sanders was always the flashiest of players, tagged with the sobriquets "Neon Deion" and "Primetime" and seemingly never far from a camera.

Trending: More contact between foster and biological parents

When parents lose their children to foster care, they're often concerned with what goes on beyond their purview. In the past, biological parents who lost child custody rights to their kids had no way of knowing how their children were being raised, or whether or not their children were in an environment that looked down upon their biological parents.

Retirement benefits single women

Making the choice to go through with a divorce can be a tough decision for Georgia women. Separation from a husband can be a very emotional experience especially if that bond has been in place for numerous years. Traditionally women have been strongly encouraged to stick with a marriage even through clear un-happiness. However, as times change so do social norms. "Grey divorces," couples splitting after more than 20 years of marriage, are becoming much more popular in the twenty first century.

Health insurance: combating hidden financial effects of divorce

Georgia residents know that getting a divorce is often not an easy affair. Making the decision to dissolve a marriage involves more than just the loss of a partner. Some spouses may lose their home or other shared belongings during the divorce mediation process. Separating physical assets is only the beginning. In a divorce there are many long term effects that can arise after the separation.

Opinion: On employers' involvement in workers' divorces

A former state Supreme Court justice who actively pushes for divorce court reform says that one essential party is not sufficiently involved and contributing enough to help unwind marriages that are marked by undue stress: the employer.

Added complexity: when more than one country's laws impact divorce

Getting a divorce in Georgia and elsewhere in the United States can range from being quite quick and easy to being complex and protracted. Getting one that involves the legal red tape and complications of more than one country, though, can be a headache few dissolutions domestically can relate to.

Focus on separation or divorce as domestic violence catalysts

Domestic violence can have many triggers, all of which can pose a serious risk to victimized individuals within the relationship. But with domestic violence murders on the rise, it is worth noting that a common trigger for these violent acts is divorce, separation or the breakup of a romantic relationship.

Rock star, ex work out differences: Memorabilia auction held

We last left off with the dispute between Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and his ex-wife Jo concerning items to be sold at an upcoming auction in an October 1 blog entry. The couple finalized their high-asset divorce in 2011 following 24 years of marriage, but, apparently, all the material details weren't worked out.

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