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Deion Sanders’ divorce case focused on prenup, child support duties

| Nov 21, 2012 | Child Support |

Former Atlanta Falcons football star and Hall of Fame standout player Deion Sanders was always the flashiest of players, tagged with the sobriquets “Neon Deion” and “Primetime” and seemingly never far from a camera.

These days, seemingly, he is never far from a courtroom, with the publicity he is receiving anything but welcome.

“I’m just tired of this,” he said recently outside a Texas court, where he has been embroiled in a protracted and acrimonious divorce dispute with his wife, Pilar, that most centrally involves child support payments and a prenuptial agreement the couple executed when they first got married.

By all indications, the judge overseeing the matter is tired, too, ruling late last month that Pilar’s contention that the premarital contract is invalid is without merit. The court informed Pilar Sanders that, notwithstanding her attorney’s claim that she is “the underdog” in the case, with Deion Sanders being “Goliath,” she voluntarily signed off on the agreement and cannot complain about it further in court. Pilar received a $100,000 “bonus” when she signed the contract, with a contractual provision further stipulating that she will receive an additional $1 million when the couple’s divorce becomes final.

“You got a mil coming,” Deion Sanders said outside court. “Let’s go. Let’s do it.”

The other matter involving support payments is less clear. Pilar Sanders says her husband is not paying a court-ordered $10,500 per month payment, and she wants him held in contempt of court. Sanders counters that such an amount is unreasonably high and that he has been paying an unspecified amount that he says is the maximum amount allowed under Texas law.

An arbitrator is now handling the divorce.

Source: NBC, “Judge says Pilar, Deion prenup is valid,” Oct. 25, 3012

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