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October 2012 Archives

Devito/Perlman split indicative of growing "gray divorce" trend

Well-known and widely popular actors Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are known by millions of people for more than just their acting chops. In a town and industry where marital constancy seems rare and celebrity high-asset divorce seems far more the norm, the couple's long-tenured union has often been cited by interviewers and reporters. In fact, this year marked the 30th anniversary of DeVito and Perlman's marriage.

Should judges consider, apply Shariah in domestic Muslim divorces?

When state law and religious law don't see eye to eye, there are often complications. Such is the complex situation many Muslim Americans face when seeking a divorce from a marriage performed under Shariah, or Islamic law. Marriages recognized by Shariah are common in some parts of the world, including West Africa, but it's not always clear whether those marriages are legally binding in another country.

Georgia residents: when careers get in the way of relationships

Working through the decision to separate can be very emotional. For those Georgians who are contemplating getting a divorce, mediation could be a good thing to look into in order to ease the process. Actor Russell Crowe recently announced his split from wife Danielle Spencer and his separation is giving some people cause to wonder if it wasn't their busy and demanding careers that helped drive the parting. Crowe was reportedly on a different continent from his wife when the media reported their separation. The couple has been married for nine years. This particular celebrity split may feel more relevant to some who have their own career/relationship conflicts.

Georgian parents: getting through the holidays single again

Wintertime is often regarded by folks in Georgia and elsewhere as either a magical time or a dreaded time. There are few who are on the fence about it, but some newly single parents may find themselves leaning toward the dreaded time this year. It can be difficult to get through the season being jolly when you're still trying to figure out how to be a co-parent in your new family dynamic, but understanding the foundation of your child custody situation can help you plan to make the new holiday traditions not so scary for you and your kids this year.

Prenups: Despite a few extreme examples, a solid planning tool

An increasing number of people across the country, including in Georgia, have a much clearer notion these days than in previous years of what a carefully considered and drafted premarital contract can do.

One state's paternity case underscores complexity, emotion in area

The governing law on paternity -- including DNA testing, legitimation requirements to establish visitation and custody, establishing a father's identify to receive child support and so forth -- is decidedly state law, with processes and requirements varied among jurisdictions and unique to each state.

You've drafted a premarital contract. Can you void it later?

We have discussed the utility and growing popularity of both prenuptial agreements and postnuptial contracts (separation agreements) for many couples in prior blog posts, including our immediately preceding entry.

Child custody: When one parent is better off than the other

The gradually closing gender gap, combined with less-defined gender roles taken on by parents, has complicated many child custody cases and forced many jurisdictions to throw out the standard rules governing child custody. It's no longer a sure thing that the mother of two children will end up with the child.

The McCourt divorce saga: just when you thought it was over

It's truly the divorce tale that seemingly never ends, with property division matters always front and central, and material developments that surfaced just last week have once again thrust the divorce saga of one-time Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and his former spouse Jamie back into media headlines.

Rock memorabilia auction underscores property division issues

A member of the classic rock band Rolling Stones has gone public with his shock after learning that some of his art and memorabilia had been put up for sale by his ex-wife. Among the most attractive memorabilia are some tour outfits worn during his performances as well as a Fender Stratocaster guitar.

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