Georgia residents: when careers get in the way of relationships

| Oct 26, 2012 | Divorce |

Working through the decision to separate can be very emotional. For those Georgians who are contemplating getting a divorce, mediation could be a good thing to look into in order to ease the process. Actor Russell Crowe recently announced his split from wife Danielle Spencer and his separation is giving some people cause to wonder if it wasn’t their busy and demanding careers that helped drive the parting. Crowe was reportedly on a different continent from his wife when the media reported their separation. The couple has been married for nine years. This particular celebrity split may feel more relevant to some who have their own career/relationship conflicts.

Separations and divorces can happen for many different reasons. A common one is that the couple just doesn’t fit together as well as they once did – people grow and change and want different things. It can be a very scary question to even ask for someone who is realizing they are maybe feeling differently about their relationship, but this could be an important time to have the difficult conversation with your spouse.

One woman’s view on the balance between career and home life is that it “can strike at different stages of people’s lives…At some point, you will most likely be forced to make a decision. So the question becomes: how much is too much?” For Crowe and Spencer, it may not have been their busy schedules, but the decision to separate was likely a difficult and complex one to make.

For Georgia couples contemplating going through a divorce, understanding the process and being clear about what each spouse is expecting can help make things go more smoothly. Working with an attorney who specializes in divorce and mediation could help you and your spouse move forward, should you decide that parting ways would be best.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Russell Crowe: Can you really have it all…Career and family?,” Jane Greer, Oct. 24, 2012

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