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June 2012 Archives

Health Insurance as a Factor in the Divorce Process

For many people, a key question when facing divorce is making sure that a marital split does not leave you without health insurance. This is often an issue for women who have become stay-at-home moms, with healthcare through the husband's job.

U.S. closer to ratifying Hague Convention child support treaty

If the language in newly proposed legislation approved by the U.S. House of Representatives is consented to in the Senate, Georgia and other American states would face fewer obstacles in collecting child support payments from parents living in foreign countries. The legislation would ratify an international treaty set forth in 2007 that aims to ensure families receive the financial support they are owed. The treaty also standardizes the processes by which countries share information with one another.

In a Divorce, Finding the Sweet Spot Between Too Nasty and Too Nice

Maybe friends or family members have cautioned you about the downside of a bitter divorce. Though there is wisdom in such concern, the reverse is also true: there can be a downside from being too nice as well.

Divorce, support, other matters: Problems persist for some athletes

Perhaps the first thing that all newly signed professional athletes should do -- actually, should arguably be required to do and certainly in advance of entering into marriage, buying a house, investing in a business or executing marketing contracts -- is participate with full energy and focus in a financial workshop aimed toward helping them keep their money over the long term.

Changing Privacy Settings Due to Divorce: How to Take the First Steps

When taking the first steps toward getting a divorce, it's important to reorient your sense of privacy. In a close marriage, sharing bank accounts and all sorts of personal passwords can be an expression of intimacy. But when the relationship starts to go bad, sharing too much personal information can become a problem.

Kobe Bryant and others: High-asset division in celebrity divorces

In a high-asset divorce, the numbers are relative. In other words, a given divorce proceeding entailing what most people might deem as significant realty and personal assets can be easily eclipsed by one that follows it and features an even weightier property division.

Protecting interests in a family business in the event of divorce

"I've found people think divorce can never happen to them," says the founder of a company that focuses on financial issues relating to marital dissolutions. "But it can," she adds.

Georgia DHS takes boxer Holyfield to court on child support matter

Although a biographical sketch on his website states that he earned more than $230 million from his lengthy and storied boxing career, former world champion Evander Holyfield apparently lacks sufficient funds to get current on child support payments he owes.

Baby boomer divorce: a mindful focus on assets and property division

In 2009, 25 percent of all divorcing couples were baby boomers. Twenty years ago, boomers made up just 10 percent of divorcing pairs. Dividing a couple's assets and income when they are so close to retirement creates challenges that younger divorcees are unlikely to face.Financial planners suggest that all couples, whether they are getting divorced or not, have a financial plan. Working backwards from retirement age helps them understand how hard they will have to work and how much they will have to save to be ready to retire when the time comes. For many, the Great Recession has diminished the value of their real estate, investments and retirement accounts. Understanding the role each of these assets plays in a long-term plan can help each spouse formulate a property division that makes sense.

Should children have more say in child custody decisions?

One of the most enduring debates in divorce law and child custody matters involves how much say a child of divorcing parents should have when it comes to how much time the child should spend with each parent. Georgia child custody lawyers and judges agree that a child's needs should come first when creating a parenting plan, but a child's needs vary from case to case, and they change over time as children develop their own interests and relationships.

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