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April 2012 Archives

Divorce, retirement accounts and QDRO: a quick primer

Few aspects of divorce proceedings generate as much confusion as QDROs for lay persons. Understanding what a QDRO is can help "smooth" the divorce process in some instances. One spouse may balk, while the other will welcome this court order.

Evolving technology factoring into non-custodial visitation rights

A recent article in the Washington Times says that "the technological genie is out of the bottle" in a rapidly evolving area of family law, and that courts across the country need to embrace the changes to best promote the interests of many families and children.

Georgia's Parental Accountability Court focused on child support

We have related for readers in prior blog posts the status of Georgia as being within a distinct minority of states to not provide legal counsel to indigent parents involved in child support matters. Several thousand parents facing civil contempt charges were incarcerated in state jails last year after state attorneys commenced litigation against them for failure to pay their support obligations.

Divorcing Georgia couples: Remember the car insurance

Divorcing couples sometimes have a lot on their plate as they approach the task of separating their shared life into the lives of two independent people. There are assets and liabilities to divide, child custody to decide, and numerous paperwork to remove from at least one person's name.

Sealing divorce records in Georgia: two recent case examples

Two recent divorce cases from Richmond County underscore that, while shielding information regarding divorces in Georgia is not common, the details concerning dissolution can and sometimes are sealed by a judge and not privy to the public eye.

Court: Don't come back later because of bad divorce settlement

A man who went to court seeking revision of a divorce settlement in which he paid his wife for the assumed value of an investment that later flopped has been denied by the New York Court of Appeals, that state's highest court. The failed investment was one of many managed by disgraced financier Bernard Madoff..

McCourt's high-asset property division tale ends with Dodgers' sale

It's hard to tell how Jamie McCourt -- former Los Angeles Dodger co-owner, along with ex-husband Frank McCourt -- might be feeling right now, in the aftermath of Frank's long-expected sale of the team for $2.15 billion.

House supports stronger custody rights for deployed military members

Representative Mike Turner, R-Ohio, touts pro-military legislation that he says "would ensure that being deployed, or the possibility of being deployed, is not used against them [service members] when child custody decisions are made by the courts." Turner looks forward to passage of a strong new bill that would protect military members' child custody and visitation rights while they are serving away from their children.

Divorce and tax breaks: Paying attention can yield savings

Many Georgia couples who have divorced understand fully well that tax matters invariably crop up following marriage dissolution. Others are not so sure what might be involved, which is hardly surprising, given the complexity of the U.S. Tax Code.

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