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March 2012 Archives

Fulton County Superior Court main venue for Iverson divorce matter

We have until today demurred from posting any details concerning the high-asset divorce proceeding of former NBA basketball star and likely future Hall of Fame player Allen Iverson and his estranged spouse, Tawanna Iverson.

New government study examines trends in first marriages, divorces

New research studying marriage, divorce and the decision to live with your partner before marriage has identified a change in trends that previously suggested cohabitation before marriage increased the odds of divorce for a couple.

21st century tale: Husband's bigamy discovered in novel way

Although bigamy is certainly not a new crime, discovering it on social networks is something novel. That is what happened recently when a Washington woman discovered on Facebook that her husband had a second wife. After an eight-year marriage, the couple separated but never filed for divorce. The man, a former corrections officer, was charged with bigamy when the first wife recently alerted authorities after discovering a wedding picture of her husband and his second wife on the Internet.

Tycoon, wife in high-stakes dispute over assets, realty holdings

We have noted for readers and highlighted in past blog posts that a high-asset divorce matter can -- and usually does -- involve a great deal of complexity. Many things can be front and center and require closest scrutiny where complex property division is involved, including accurate asset valuation, proper identification of what constitutes marital property, and ensuring that assets and income are not being concealed.

Involvement in a child's education a key factor in child custody

In a child custody case, judges take note of virtually every activity that involves children, whether at home or school. If you are faced with this issue during divorce, staying involved in your children's daily routine will not go unnoticed.

The tax deadline draws near: Alimony, child support and the 1040

Every year about this time, one thing is evident from the piles of paperwork and assorted documents scattered across the desks and tables of scores of millions of Americans: Once again, it's tax time, with that mid-April deadline inching closer every day.

A connection between shopping habits, data mining and divorce?

The writer of a recent divorce-related article pointedly asks a question that most people likely do not consider in the lead-up to a split or in the aftermath of a marital dissolution, namely, this: "Should we have to live in fear of our retailers?"

Divorce settlements: What about the dog?

Ken Altshuler, the president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), confidently makes one prediction about the future: Someday judges in all states, including Georgia, will have recourse to written statutory guidelines to help them decide pet custody issues in divorces.

U.S. Supreme Court backs away from contested visitation case

Every state, including Georgia, provides for grandparent rights to visitation (and, sometimes, custody) of grandchildren, but the thornier question is how a judge should proceed when a child's parents are united in opposition to visitation.

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