Fulton County Superior Court main venue for Iverson divorce matter

| Mar 29, 2012 | High-Asset Divorce |

We have until today demurred from posting any details concerning the high-asset divorce proceeding of former NBA basketball star and likely future Hall of Fame player Allen Iverson and his estranged spouse, Tawanna Iverson.

The matter is, however, a bona-fide and growing news story and has become replete with sufficiently varied aspects of a complex dissolution as to make it potentially instructive and certainly educational for some people.

The Iversons — high-school sweethearts — were married in 2001. Tawanna filed divorce paperwork in Fulton County Superior Court in June last year, saying the marriage was irretrievably broken and asking for child support and alimony.

Recent tabloid accounts have centered on a request she made in legal discovery last year asking that Iverson submit information on every sexual partner he had from the couple’s marriage inception. She recently denied she had made such a request, but that is belied by a “motion to compel” order she filed with the court earlier this month seeking compliance with her earlier request.

Much about the case centers on Iverson’s money, with various media reports stating that the athlete may have squandered as much as $200 million over his earning career, with bankruptcy now looming.

Several reports, though, rebut that notion. Peter Vecsey, a respected sports writer, offers a contrary view and points to sources stating that Iverson, while certainly profligate, is far from broke. Reportedly, Iverson has an account in excess of $30 million that he draws $1 million from annually and is otherwise barred from touching until he turns 55.

Additionally, and as a tenured NBA veteran, Iverson will begin receiving about $8,000 monthly from his league pension when he turns 45.

“He seems to have planned his future with some perspective,” says Vecsey.

In the meantime, the couple’s sensationalized divorce matter plays out in Georgia, with media outlets across the country adding updates on a regular basis.

Source: Yahoo! Sports, “Allen Iverson isn’t broke by any definition,” Eric Freeman, March 2, 2012

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