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June 2011 Archives

Supreme Court Rules on Anna Nicole Smith High-Asset Drama

It was truly a high-asset divorce in every sense of that phrase, and the legal battle surrounding its material details has been playing out in courts for more than 15 years. It may have finally come to an end last week in the United States Supreme Court.

Court Ruing Stresses Grandparents' Limited Visitation Rights

Although the following story concerning child custody comes from Minneapolis rather than Fulton County, it is instructive for its portrayal of the types of complex and emotional issues that can arise in custody matters anywhere in the country and how the law responds in such situations. It also serves as a strong reminder of how the diligent representation of an experienced child custody attorney can materially affect the outcome of a custody matter.

MLB Commissioner Rejects McCourt High-Asset Divorce Settlement

Just when it looked like the high-asset divorce case involving Frank and Jamie McCourt -- think Los Angeles Dodgers -- was about to wind down and finally fade away, Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig stepped in to ensure that it wouldn't.

Facebook: Increasingly, a Major Factor in Divorce Disputes

We informed readers of a rather startling statistic in our April 29 blog post, namely, this: Online posts, mostly Facebook communications, have ended up as evidence in about 80 percent of all divorce cases that have been filed in the United States over the past five years.

Wife of NBA Star Allen Iverson Files for Divorce in Fulton County

Ever since he first stepped on a professional basketball court, NBA legend and certain hall-of famer Allen Iverson has been a media mainstay, having been a scoring champion, most valuable player and marketing magnet.

Fulton County Child Custody Exchange Turns Deadly

A planned child custody exchange that was typically supervised and uneventful turned tragic last week when an ex-boyfriend shot and killed the mother of his two children outside a shopping center in Milton.

Update: Controversial Child Custody Ruling Ignites Passions

A case we reported on in a blog post last month concerning a child custody ruling in North Carolina was raising a number of eyebrows then and rapidly garnering a considerable amount of attention from the national press.

TN Alimony Case Springboard for Examining GA Spousal Support

A case in Tennessee that is attracting a considerable amount of legal interest and is currently before that state's Supreme Court highlights the concept of alimony following divorce, also commonly referred to in Georgia as spousal support or spousal maintenance. The case serves as a useful springboard for examination of Georgia's spousal support system.

Factors Underlying "Grey Divorce"

Deborah Moskovitch, an author and divorce consultant, notes that the divorce rate is increasing for couples who have been married for several decades or longer -- termed "grey divorce" -- and that, given societal changes, this should hardly be surprising.

GA Supreme Court Favors Tycoon's Mistress in Latest Ruling

Justices of the Georgia Supreme Court can certainly be forgiven if they don't ever want to hear the names Harvey Strother and Anne Melican for the rest of their lives. In a high-asset divorce and estate matter that has been consistently playing out in headlines and media stories in Georgia for several years, various issues have come before the Court on three different occasions.

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