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June 2010 Archives

Could a Divorce Ceremony Lead to a More Positive Transition?

"By putting an end to our marriage, we wanted to give ourselves fresh starts and give our lives a sense of renewal," explained a young businessman who, at the forefront of what may be an emerging trend in Japan, planned a divorce ceremony when he and his wife decided to split up.

How Do We Protect Fathers' Rights After Late, Negative DNA Tests?

Last year, Georgia passed a new law allowing men to ask the courts to set aside a previous determination of paternity if they receive new evidence that they are not the father of the child. The new evidence could be a negative paternity test performed years after the child's birth. When it comes to protecting fathers' rights, however, the law does have a couple of catches.

New Divorce Apps for iPhone Could Complement Legal Representation

Working with a Dallas, Texas, divorce attorney, iPhone app developer Brainwash Inc. is working on several interesting new applications that could help with divorce and family law concerns. The apps are not intended to replace an attorney or provide legal advice, but they may be helpful to people considering or planning for divorce.

Fathers' Contact With Kids, Payment of Child Support Trending Up

Recent studies by demographers and sociologists at major universities across the countries are documenting a very positive trend: Non-resident dads are increasing their share of child custody, spending more time with their kids, and paying their child support more regularly. Experts including sociologists, family therapists, child advocates and the Fathers' Rights movement have long pointed out that kids benefit when dads take an active role, and it appears that fathers are feeling more empowered.

Child Custody Agreements and Business Travel: Recipe for Trouble?

If you have a shared parenting agreement and are on relatively good terms, you may never have considered whether your kids are being properly supervised while in your ex's care. If you have a fluid arrangement, where your kids are welcome to spend time at either home -- and your kids are teens -- you may need to update your child custody agreement.

Report Used to Set Child Support Guidelines: Cost of Kids Up 1%

The latest Expenditures on Children by Families report, the annual report that many courts and state legislatures use to establish child support guidelines was released on Wednesday by the USDA. The report, which analyzes data from 2009, estimates that the cost of raising a child is up an average of one percent.

DeKalb County Dad Shot at Child Custody Swap; Police Seek Mother

Nearly a month after a similar incident in southwest Atlanta, a DeKalb County father of twins was shot just after handing his children over to their mother in a child custody swap. Police believe the mother's boyfriend was the shooter, and that the mother knew what was going to happen.

Former NBA Player to Divorce "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Star

On May 20, NBA-TV analyst and former NBA player Eric Snow filed for divorce from DeShawn Graves Snow, who appeared on the first season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."  The Alpharetta couple has been married for twelve years.

Fathers' Rights: What Is Parental Alienation Syndrome?

During and after a divorce, emotions run high. Under the best of circumstances, it can be a real challenge to co-parent children with a former spouse. Especially when the divorce wasn't amicable, a disagreement can easily become a child custody battle. In some serious cases, however, it becomes much more than a disagreement.

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