Working with a Dallas, Texas, divorce attorney, iPhone app developer Brainwash Inc. is working on several interesting new applications that could help with divorce and family law concerns. The apps are not intended to replace an attorney or provide legal advice, but they may be helpful to people considering or planning for divorce.

The apps are being marketed for the iPhone at the website, and are not yet available for other smart phones.

  • In May, released an app called “Divorce Cost & Prep,” which helps people considering divorce estimate the cost. It helps couples consider additional expenses such as maintaining two households and add transportation costs for child visitation.
  • Just released, “Estate Divider” helps couples figure out how divide their marital assets. A new property division app called “Estate Divider Template” is currently in development. The template version will be spreadsheet-driven and allow people to schedule out and divide their assets.
  • Also in development, “Child Possession Calendar” makes shared parenting easier by allowing parents to share child custody and visitation calendars.
  • “Child Support Calculator” is an app being developed to help people determine the amount of child support they are likely to be ordered to pay or can expect to receive.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce Apps May Be Helpful, But Don’t Forego a Lawyer

It’s important to keep in mind that divorce law varies from state to state, so these apps being developed in Texas might not reflect Georgia law.

Also, when considering using any do-it-yourself legal apps or forms, it is essential to understand that there can be complex issues involved that simple formulas and computer programs will miss.

You should always speak with an attorney before signing or filing legal documents or making any decision with legal implications.

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